Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chopard at Cannes

Luxury watch and jewelry manufacturer Chopard has been a partner to the Cannes Film Festival for eleven years, including a redesign of the Palm d'Or in 1998. Every year Chopard presents their own Chopard Trophy to one actor and one actress. This year's winners were Chinese actress Tang Wei and American actor Omar Metwally.

Fashions were somewhat subdued for the event, but there was lots of gorgeous jewelry to be seen.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Spike Lee presented the awards. I suppose she didn't have the chance to get dressed before the ceremony and was forced to run out of the house wearing a bedsheet. And some pretty ugly gladiator sandals. (Ok, it's a Lanvin dress, somehow worn better by Katie Holmes some months ago.)

French actress Vahina Giocante's dress looked like re-purposed bridesmaid-wear, but she enjoyed playing with her Chopard jewelry.

What on earth is Argentine singer Lola Ponce wearing? Old newspapers wrapped around her bottom, shiny bra, with sheer black fabric over all? I thought Cannes was a classy event?

Still not understanding Dita von Teese, or what the hell she was doing at Cannes. Her Dior dress looks like it's being taken over by huge moths who have already eaten part of the skirt. Deets, I know you're a burlesque performer, but leave the stage makeup for the stage, honey, you look ridiculous. Nice jewelry though.

That dress does nothing for Salma Hayek. Ok, it does - it makes her look stumpy and thick. Not sure about the juxtaposition of the somewhat Southwestern-looking silver brooch on her skirt and the pretty gold Tahitian pearls either.

Christina Ricci and Salma Hayek have quite different facial shapes, don't they? It almost looks like they've been Photoshopped to achieve the vast difference in chin structure, but rest assured it's all natural. Well, un-Photoshopped. :)

Christina's black dress was rather plain, but her diamond and emerald lariat necklace is gorgeous.


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