Friday, July 30, 2010

Project Runway Season 8

I watched the new 90-minute version of Project Runway last night. I wasn't all that excited by the previous seasons so basically watched this one out of habit. While I liked that it started at 9:00 PM, I thought that adding on the additional 30 minutes was a waste of my time. Not as big a waste as Brokeback Hoedown with Austin & Santino that came on afterwards, but almost.

From what I could tell, the majority of the extra 30 minutes involved hearing all 17 of the dubiously-talented designers talk about their look as it came down the runway. "I'm really confident about my look. I think I did a good job. I fulfilled the challenge perfectly. Go me!" SEVENTEEN TIMES.

Oh, and this week there was plenty more time wasted "meeting" the designers as they "met" each other in obviously staged scenarios. Isn't it amazing how three of them ended up at the same airport baggage claim at the same time despite coming in from different parts of the country on different planes? And wow, what a coincidence that so many of them would be at Grand Central at the same time and recognize each other as fellow competitors? (Must have been the camera crew and lights.)

Another ridiculous element. Heidi tells the designers that the first challenge will be an extension of their audition process. Pray tell, how is that true in any way? The only difference between this first challenge and the first challenges of the previous 7 seasons is that: 1) they did not meet on a rooftop and toast with champagne beforehand; 2) they only had 5 hours to work. It was merely dialog to fill the additional time and to create a false sense of excitement.

At least the first challenge wasn't the same "make a pretty dress" challenge we've seen endlessly over the past two seasons. It was "destroy your neighbor's garment and make something wearable," at which few actually succeeded.

The high point of the show came when Heidi implied that more than one designer would be eliminated. Six of them were on the bottom, and by my calculations, getting rid of that many designers this week would leave exactly the right amount of them left to have 3 or 4 presenting at Fashion Week in September. But nooooo, the bitch lied. They eliminated only one designer, the anorexic hippy McKell. And they probably tossed her more for the wafting patchouli emanating from her than for her actual design. (Is it a coincidence that the first chef tossed this season on Top Chef also sported dreadlocks?)

McKell's wasn't the worst design by a longshot. Jason, a guy in a bowler hat which he wore to seem intimidating (because hats are intimidating - just ask Laurel and Hardy), turned a kimono inside-out and stapled it shut, but he was allowed to stay. Clearly Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were intimidated. Casanova, a big-faced Latino with language issues turned a blouse into a costume for a "pole dancer in Dubai," but he got to stay. I think both of them scream "drama" "ego" and "pizazz" but McKell exuded more, "zzzzz."

Next week's preview offers more of Heidi promising to eliminate more than one designer. This time I'm not believing her. That is, if I bother to watch.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the Road with Austin & Santino

Lifetime's new show featuring former Project Runway designers Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice will debut tonight after the premiere of Project Runway season 8. I can't imagine bitchy Santino and sensitive Austin getting along. It'll be like Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, without the painkillers. Or maybe with more of them. Will you watch (through your fingers)?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bond No. 9 Washington Square

Notes: Italian bergamot, geranium, tarragon, purple rose, honey, vintage amber, leather accord, vetiver, musk

I'm going to say that the last few Bond No. 9 fragrances left me cold. High Line was pleasant enough, but I flat out didn't like Montauk and am definitely not a fan of the Signature perfume. So I was quite pleased to see (smell?) that the upcoming Washington Square fragrance (launching November 1st, just in time for my birthday) is more of my kind of scent.

It starts out with a flash of bergamot and a hint of herbaceousness. At first sniff it seems a bit masculine, but then the rose and especially the honey comes out. leading the fragrance into more unisex territory. The rose is a bit powdery, but not too much. Or maybe it's the amber that is powdery? In any case, there is a nice juxtaposition between the slightly old-fashioned, womanly, warm plummy/jammy rose and the cool, masculine tarragon/leather/vetiver vibe. The press release calls it "dissident" but "dissonant" is more accurate. However, I think this scent is so well-blended that it doesn't read as incongruous parts meshed together.

What I like best about Washington Square is that after coming on pretty strong, it dries down nicely to a great rose/leather combo. And the bottle - gorgeous! And though it is a photo of Washington Square, the image, with its evocative blue tint, reminds me of old prints of more exotic lands: ancient Egypt; Imperial China; Japan. One of my favorite Bond bottles ever.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bond No. 9 Cooper Square

Notes: cognac, juniper berry, lavender, myrrh, olibanum, patchouli, cashmere wood, musk, vetiver, ciste labdanum, timber wood

The newest fragrance (September 1, 2010)  by New York perfumer Bond No. 9 is Cooper Square, named after the sliver of park in front of New York's Cooper Union. The scent is cool and masculine with a bright juniper berry start that thankfully does not remind me of the dreaded gin (nor does it remind me of cognac, however) followed by tons of soapy lavender.

The scent remains in this lavender soap phase for quite a while. It's delightfully clean without any of that now-ubiquitous squeaky "clean" detergent essence that has been so popular for the last decade or so. It's merely a very pleasant, manly, "oh you smell nice!" kind of quality.

In the background lurks a bit of olibanum and patchouli, the combination of which reminds me more of leather than of incense.This leathery quality gets a bit stronger as the lavender fades a bit. But, the lavender never fades entirely, making Cooper Square a completely masculine scent in my playbook.

Nothing wrong with masculine scents, of course. Especially when they are this pleasant.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Minx Designs

Are you a blogger looking for a spankin' new banner or logo? Maybe a whole Blogger template redesign? How about a logo, business card, album or book cover? Well, I know just the person to help you out - me! I know I post about my jewelry here from time to time, but that's not my only artistic endeavor -- I'm also a graphic designer.

Here are some examples of blog graphics and templates I've designed:

Other examples of my work: logo and site design

My prices are reasonable, cheap even. Just drop me a line at and tell me what you're looking for and we can negotiate a price.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Sale at Nautica

Celebrate the rest of the summer in style and shop till you drop at Nautica's summer sale. They have a huge summer collection ranging from cheerful sundresses and cute camis, to trendy summer scarves and breathable yoga capris now at up to 60% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING! Personally, I love the blazer shown to the left.

And of course, we wouldn’t dare to neglect the men – check out this trendy chic Long-Sleeve Poplin Tattersal Shirt now at just $29.99! And for the beach - check out this stylish new bathing suitand this one...for under $20.

Head to now to take advantage of 60% off and FREE shipping for men, women, kids and even home.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Video Girl Barbie

There's a new Barbie in town, Video Girl Barbie, a doll that records all of the fun with a built-in video camera.  When you think there are no paparazzi around, beware...Barbie might be lurking (chuckle).

Barbie is putting on multiple scavenger hunts in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. Using location-based social media tool Foursquare ( to keep everyone apprised of her whereabouts, Barbie will “check-in” to a mix of fun and fashionable venues. To participate in the hunt, fans can follow along via video and text clues that Barbie leaves on Twitter (@BarbieStyle) and Foursquare.

I don't do Foursquare because I don't need the world to know my whereabouts, ever, but for those that “follow” the fun, there will be limited edition Video Girl swag including a chance to win your very own Video Girl!

Here are the dates and locations for Video Girl Barbie's Scavenger Hunt:
July 20th - San Francisco
July 21st - Los Angeles
July 22nd - Chicago
July 23rd - New York

Also, check out this video of YouTube star, iJustine, touring Barbie HQ and hanging out with Video Girl:

Barbie Video Girl features a camera lens in her necklace, a color LCD screen on her back, which features ‘real time playback’ capability and is powered by batteries in her legs (2-AAA). With close to 30 minutes of recording time girls can now capture moments through Barbie® doll’s point-of-view.

She also comes with free editing software (available at, so girls can transform raw footage into real movies by adding music, sound effects and visual effects. Barbie® Video GirlTM holds 256 MB of memory, shoots video in standard definition and video files can be downloaded as .avi files.RRP $50,00 for ages 6+.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot and Not 7.19.10

Shakira (left) and Ivy Queen (right) attend the Univision Premios Juventud Awards 2010. Ms Shakira looks absolutely gorge in Roberto Cavalli. Ms Queen, on the other hand, doesn't even look quite human with her fake boobs, fake lips, and fake who-knows-what-else. Why do people do that to themselves?

Friday, July 16, 2010

For You Wedding Fans

WE tv has launched a new sister network, Wedding Central, the ultimate television destination for women to indulge in all things related to dating, relationships and weddings.

Taking a clue from fans, making things a bit more “fun” and building on the growing capabilities of interactive television, Wedding Central will provide viewers with multiple opportunities to interact with the network’s programming via their remotes. Participation will run the gamut from voting for their favorite bride to sharing their opinions on her favorite dress to connecting directly with local and national advertisers. Polling and quizzes will also be offered.

But there's a tricky part: you may well have to call or email your cable or satellite provider and let them know you want the Wedding Channel. Click here for a list of providers along with the best way to contact them:

Pesonally, I think a Divorce Channel might be more exciting.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I got an email from Bergdorf's this morning introducing the new Fall trend of top-handle bags. Um, like where else would a handle be on a handbag? If it were on the bottom, stuff would fall out.


Anyway, I clicked through to the site and found stuff I want. Here they are, shown in order of preference.

Nancy Gonzalez Large Python Satchel $2,600.00

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Loop-Closure Satchel $3,400.00

Carlos Falchi Glazed Python Doctor Bag $2,590.00

Diane von Furstenberg Grace Zebra-Print Day Bag $625.00

If anyone would like to buy one or more of these for me, Bergdorf's has my address on file. Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Valentino Fall 2010 Couture

Valentino is obviously marketing their 2010 couture line to the youth set, what with the short hemlines. It's all a little homage à Barbie, too, not because there is any pink in the collection, but because my Barbie and Skipper had clothes very reminiscent of some of these looks when I was a kid in the late 60s - early 70s. (See images 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8.) There was also a bit of unfortunate fug in the collection in the form of two space-age French maid costumes (image 5). And can a gal walk in that kinda-cheap-looking silver number?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Project Runway Season 8

Lifetime is rolling out yet another season of Project Runway. I don't know why, but it seems that both Bravo and Lifetime are doing rush jobs. Top Chef was still filming when they announced it would debut in June, and I can't imagine much time will have passed between the end of PR fiming and its debut on July 29th. I'm feeling overwhelmed already.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Kat Von D for Sephora

Although I still think Kat Von D is a pretty girl who has horribly disfigured herself with tattoos, I must admit I do like her makeup line for Sephora. I have an eye palette in shades of browns and greens and love the soft, blend-able texture and the long-wear. I'm loving the eye primer in this video, but I don't think the make-up artist blended the shadow all that well. I like a smoky eye, but this looks a bit bruised.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Tribute to Alexander McQueen

I got this in the mail today and thought I'd pass it on to you. Click text to embiggen.

Click here to reserve your copy. Only $295!

Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011

Georges Hobeika put out a stunning collection of variously-inspired looks. There's a bit of Deco, a bit of modern, and even a bit of Russian Princess, perhaps influenced a tad by Alexander McQueen's Fall 2008 collection. Here are my favorite looks from the show.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011

I am of two minds when I look at this Dior Couture collection. My first thought is, "ah, how Springlike! How influenced by flowers!" The second thought is, "but this is the Fall/Winter collection! my, is that just yards of tulle wrapped around and then stapled into place?"

And...are Big Bird and Cookie Monster on the runway? Wow.

Monday, July 5, 2010

So Negligent

Sorry I've been negligent of this blog recently. I've been doing a lot of eating so have been posting a lot on MinxEats. Will try to be better about posting here this week. :)

My SOTD: Blu Mediterraneo Fico, a gorgeous fig fragrance. I should really invest in a full bottle of this stuff, especially since I have three other scents from the same line and they all work really well together.

Costume Animal Contest at the MD State Fair

Got this press release last that the pets' owners have to wear costumes, too!


“Sponge Bob Square Goat,” “Dale Ernhardt, Jr. and Jeff Gordon Race Car Cows,” Cow Ripkin,” “The Lion King Horse,” and “Rudoph the Red-Nosed Rabbit” are just a few of the entries in previous Maryland State Fair Costume Animal Contests. This year, The Maryland State Fair’s Junior Fair Board will host the competition in which 4-H members will have the opportunity to dress up their sheep, goats, horses, dogs, rabbits, cavies, beef steer, dairy steer and themselves to enter the 2010 Costume Animal Contest, Friday, August 27, 2010, 7:30 p.m., in the Maryland State Fair’s Horse Show Ring.

“The Costume Animal Contest is an educational and entertaining way to inform the general public about raising animals,” said State Fair Junior Fair Board member and Costume Animal Contest Coordinator Robbie Miller. “The event gives 4-H members the opportunity to show their well-cared-for animals in a fun and creative way.”

All participants must dress themselves and their animals in costume and write a narration, in story or poem form, which will be read as they show their animal. The entries will be judged on originality of theme, costumes, and narration. Ribbons and trophies will be awarded along with a participatory premium for each contestant.

The Maryland State Fair, located at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Baltimore County, opens Fri., Aug. 27 and runs through Mon., Sept. 6, 2010. No other event provides so much food, fun and family entertainment for so little. The Midway rides, games and food stands, as well as the 4-H/Home Arts, Farm & Garden, Exhibition and the Museum/DNR Buildings will be open Mon. - Thurs. from Noon to 10 PM and from 10AM to 10 PM, Fri. – Sun. and Labor Day Mon. Early risers are welcome to attend livestock and horse shows in the various livestock buildings and show rings at 9 AM.

Admission is only $8.00 for adults, $6.00 for seniors (ages 62 and older),$3.00 for children (ages 6-11). Children five-years-old and younger are admitted free. Rides are individually priced. There will be a Ridemania Preview Night (with rides, games and food stands open) on Thurs., Aug. 26, from 5 PM to close, for only $15.00 to ride as many rides as one wishes. Non-riders pay only $4.00.

Friday, July 2, 2010



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