Monday, May 5, 2008

Australian Fashion Week - Shakuhachi

Jessie White's Shakuhachi line is girly and fun and cute, apart from the menswear, which is scary and a nightmare of competing patterns.

I'm not sure about the neckline on the first dress - is it a scarf? or part of the dress? but the rest if it is fine. The other two are very cute.

I'm not feeling the ugly footless tights. And that first top looks like something I wore in the 80s (with solid black leggings). And I would wear it again (with solid black leggings).

The first two dresses are summery and fresh - minus the tights please! And I love the subtle sparkle on the third dress. See how nice it looks without the tights?

The first guy is wearing a combination of clothes from both his father's and mother's closets. And what's with the Frankenstein boots. With shorts?


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