Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hollywood Walk of Shame

Peter Graves (right, shown with Mannix star Mike Connors) got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. The man is 83 years old and has been acting pretty much continuously since 1951 and he's only now receiving a star? For shame, Hollywood! (Connors is 84 and still hasn't gotten one.) Britney Spears, Queen Latifah, Magic Johnson, and Godzilla had stars already, not to mention f*cking Judge Judy. And David Spade. David Spade. I understand that the star must be paid for, but the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is responsible for nominations. And it took someone this long to get around to it.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Six Scents Series 2 - No 3 and No 4

No 3. Henrik Vibskov - Solar Donkey Power
Notes: bergamot, aromatic sage, geranium, patchouli, moss, incense, pine

The combination of bergamot and sage backed with pine in the opening of this scent is a little, well, industrial cleaner. The sweet spiciness of the geranium is detectable with a deep inhale, but the pine, and later the incense, is a bit overbearing. I don't know where donkeys come into play with this scent, but I'm sorta glad they don't.

A couple hours into the drydown, this one gets softer and the pine isn't quite as intense.

No 4. Henry Holland - Smell
Notes: lilac, mimosa, pine forest accord, green grass, sheer jasmin, musk

The rather-coconutty musk is in the forefront of this scent; combined with the floral notes it's a bit like a grown-up version of everyone's favorite baby lotion. The green notes aren't particularly green, and I can't smell the forest for the trees, but that's ok - it's a pretty scent, familiar and comforting.

Samples obtained by me from

Purse Shopping

I need a new bag (although Mr Minx would argue that point). I have several nice purses, but none of them are the day-to-day workhorses that I need to carry my assortment of necessary junk back and forth to work on public transportation. I need something with a long enough handle or strap to fit over my shoulder in a coat, large enough to hold my stuff, and lightweight. I have one bag that fits the bill, a ruffled brown suede number, but it's about 8 years old and getting a bit tatty.

I did some fantasy shopping at and found some I like, most of which are completely unpractical and unaffordable.

Marc Jacobs Luxe St. Mark's Quilted Python shoulder bag $2220

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Drawstringy $528

Lockheart Double-crossed Kylie messenger $545

Lady Dior Large Top Handle Bag $2350

Helena Denatalio Carrie Leather Hobo $394

Gucci Jungle large tote $3800

Fendi Skunk Fur Peekaboo Rollbag $1970

Carlos Falchi Python Satchel $2910

Actually, the Denatalio and the Lockheart might work. Anyone want to buy them for me? :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Six Scents Series 2 - No 1 and No 2

Six Scents offers fragrant collaborations between perfumers and designers. Series Two is focused on spreading a message of environmental sustainability. Each Eau de Parfum comes in a limited edition of 2000 50ml bottles for $95. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Pro-Natura.

No 1. 3.1 Phillip Lim - Collage
Notes: Italian bergamot, white pepper extract, black pepper from Madagascar, juniper berry, magnolia accord, Indonesian patchouli, Virginian cedarwood, incense

Although I tend to think of Six Scents' fragrances to be unisex, this scent is a bit more on the masculine side, with citrus and pepper spiked with juniper berry and somehow smelling a little like rye bread. The cedar is more prominent than the patch or incense, but overall, the scent is light and fresh and sophisticated.

No 2. Damir Doma - End / Beginning
Notes: purple ginger extract, olibanum from Somalia, vetiver, cedarwood, guaiacwood, cardamom, coriander seed, cistus, birch tar, styrax, benzoin, tonka bean, sandalwood, beeswax absolute, gurjum balsam, patchouli, myrrh, opoponax, olibanum hyperessence

Despite all of the heavy spice and resin notes, No. 2 is actually fairly light with a predominate ginger note backed up by myrrh and patchouli. It's still warm and resinous and a bit sexy, perhaps a bit masculine but I'd wear it.

Samples obtained by me from

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Skinny on Ralph Lauren

You've probably read all the furor over this Ralph Lauren ad in which the model has been Photoshopped into skeletal remains:

She actually looks a lot like Lindsay Lohan has looked from time to time.

14, of Gallery of the Absurd has done her own version of the ad.


Another Project Runway Rant

Last week, after Christopher's ass got saved from elimination for the third time, I thought the show must be fixed. This week, after a fourth trip to the bottom and yet another "Christopher, you're safe," I am convinced of it.

This season has been a total suckfest so far, with boring challenges, and a revolving door of judges. It seems to me that the producers have had some say in who stays and who goes, and maybe they think that letting a self-taught boy from Bumblefuck, Minnesota make it so far is TV Gold. While he may be a decent enough designer, as evidenced by his work in the first three weeks, he's faltered too many times recently to be allowed to stay. But I'm thinking he's going to end up in the final three.

Speaking of which, at this point in the season, can you tell to whom these looks belong?

Designer 1
Designer 2
Designer 3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 Whitney Gala

The 2009 Whitney Museum Gala was held this past Monday and of course stars celebs were in attendance, looking for attention. It was a regular festival of Boobs 'n' Versace.

Donatella Versace in...Versace, of course.

Taylor Momsen wore Versace as well, looking far older than her age. She's like 16, isn't she?

Shakira, also in Versace, looked hot. Gorgeous dress.

What's going on with Patty Kim's right breast? Andy why couldn't she comb her hair for the occasion?

Speaking of breasts, Nigel Barker's wife Cristen is about to have a wardrobe malfunction....

And Monique Pean's too-tight dress is smashing her boobs in a horribly unflattering way.

Emanuel Ungaro "artistic advisor" Lindsay Lohan, over-processed and possibly stoned, looked like hell. As did her first collection with Ungaro. Do these glittery fashion people ever think? Seriously.

Mischa Barton looked uncharacteristically...normal.... The Versace dress makes her look oddly assembled, however.

Lake Bell looked fab in her slinky red dress. So why did she look so pissed-off? Oh wait, that's supposed to be a sexy look....

Yet another on the Versace bandwagon, Jennifer Hudson, looked lovely in that color. A shame her makeup was so harsh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Man Shops Globe Contest!

In the spirit of the new show, Man Shops Globe, Sundance Channel is offering viewers a chance to win the ultimate Man Shops Globe holiday – an all expense paid adventure for two to France – inspired by Keith.

All you need to do to enter is tell Sundance Channel what your most treasured "found object" is, and you could be packing your bags for a trip to France.

Enter here:

One Grand Prize Winner will win an all expense paid adventure for two to France... inspired by Keith! He'll recommend what to do and see, where to eat, and of course where to shop! Plus, two Runner Up prize winners will receive one of Keith's most special found objects...courtesy of Anthropologie.

Tonight, in an all new Man Shops Globe, Keith travels to Turkey and visits Istanbul bazaars in search of dazzling tapestries and fabrics.

Man Shops Globe airs on Sundance Channel Wednesdays @10pm.

If I Had the Power of Invisibilty

I'd pants every one of those baggy-ass idiots. Just like this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Never Too Early for Holiday Shopping!

Find this pretty shell and freshwater pearl necklace (only $40!) and more on my Etsy site!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Spring 2010 RTW - Valentino

Despite the lack of red and the shorter hemlines, former accessories designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are turning out looks worthy of the Valentino name. But doesn't it seem like the dresses are emulating the accessories, rather than the other way around?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Boadicea the Victorious Seductive

When I think seductive, I think soft, round, vanilla, musk. The perfume meisters at Boadicea the Victorious must think sharp, biting, harsh. The initial blast of their scent called Seductive is a lot like huffing drain cleaner - the combination of mentholated mate and freshly tanned cowhide is rather caustic.

After a bit of time, the painful Ajax-like sensation abates, but does not totally disappear. The leather note is far too harsh and does not play well with the cool, bitter mate. The musk, which should be the star of this fragrance, is too little, too late. Honestly, I don't smell it at all.

I also don't find this scent the least bit seductive. Interesting, perhaps. Painful also. Not quite a scrubber, but I can't imagine trying more than a little dab of this as a novelty.

Notes: petit grain, green Mate, leather, musk, iris

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Etat Libre d’Orange Fat Electrician

Notes: vetiver, vanilla bean, opoponax, myrrh

The latest in Etat Libre d'Orange's line of cutely named fragrances, Fat Electrician is a cool, salty, and refreshing vetiver scent. There's a sharp herbal quality to it that reminds me a bit of marijuana or...grapefruit...but in a pleasant way. Opoponax and myrrh lend a bit of smokiness, and the vanilla rounds it out but does not add sweetness.

This scent reminds me of something that Comme des Garcons might put out, without the overt quirkiness. It's also a bit reminiscent of Bond No. 9 Brooklyn, with the combo of dry and grapefruit.

According to LuckyScent, this scent is inspired by "a real story driven from the hazardous life of a young gigolo in the 70’s in N.Y.C." Thankfully, it smells nothing like a 70s gigolo, who just might reek of Hai Karate, cigarettes, and *****.

Sample obtained by me from

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spring 2010 RTW - Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld takes us to a hoe-down with his Spring 2010 collection. Although a bit country-fied, every garment still wears that unmistakable Chanel stamp. Of course, in a collection of 70+ looks, not everything is perfect....

Good to know that my own wrinkled, un-ironed pants are in style. Thanks, Karl!

Ok, so it's not quite Quacker Factory, but don't let me see you giving flack to the old ladies wearing sweaters embellished with pumpkins and snowmen....

Pebbles Flintstone models the latest in designer lingerie by Karl Lavafeld.

Want to be the life of the party? Wear a lampshade as a dress!

FTC Blogging Guidelines

Beginning Dec. 1, bloggers will be required to disclose any "material connections" (i.e. payments or freebies) they receive from companies whose products they review. I want to state right now that I have never received payment or gifts in exchange for my reviews. I have, however, occasionally received free samples (which may have been full-sized products) - can't do a review without the actual product in hand! For the most part, I have paid for or obtained my own samples, and have undertaken product reviews of my own accord.

Additionally, if I say I like a product, it's because I honestly do, not because anyone asked me to make that claim.

Starting now, I will tag any future product reviews with an indicator that the sample was given to me by the manufacturer, or if I obtained it myself. And I promise never to take money or in-kind payment in exchange for a positive review. The purpose of this blog is not to mislead readers, but to encourage them to try the products with which I have had a positive experience. It's all about integrity, and apparently the FTC doesn't think bloggers have much of that.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comme des Garcons Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness, heiress (Guinness brewery) may seem an elegant socialite outwardly, but inside, she must have quite a bit of hippie in her. Her namesake scent, by Comme des Garcons, is a frolic in a head shop with its notes of jasmine and incense, patchouli and vanilla. But leave it to CdG to make headshop smell...expensive. After the initial blast of hippie dippy fades, the scent becomes a more sophisticated melange of saffron and rose that has more than a hint of the Middle East in it, with a warm vanilla drydown.
At this point it reminds me a bit of one of the Montale scents, a more well-done Rose Mukhalat perhaps.

I'm generally a big fan of CdG fragrances, but I'm still quite torn over this one. I like parts of it, but the initial head-shop essence is a real turn-off for me.'s quirky and interesting, apparently like the real Daphne. Worth a try at the very least.

Notes: bitter orange, incense, saffron, rose centifolia, Tunisian jasmine, tuberose, iris, patchouli, oud, amber, vanilla

Sample obtained by me from


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