Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex and the City Movie Premiere

So why does the whole rest of the damn world get to see the Sex and the City movie before the US? Sheesh. Anyway, it finally premiered in New York last night at Radio City and the stars were in attendance.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore a stunning Nina Ricci gown and her long hair loose, like some bad-girl princess. She's doing something right these days, because she looked really lovely.

Kim Cattrall wore Vivienne Westwood. I dunno. Don't like the color on her, don't like the shape, don't like the ruffly things, and I don't like the weird shape it forms on her ass (which of course can't be seen in this photo).

Kristin Davis in a rather frumpy and ugly Donna Karan.

Cynthia Nixon (who has also been looking quite wonderful recently) wore Narciso Rodriguez. Luckily, she didn't get the memo about metallics.

Jennifer Hudson looking sweet and girly. Not the dress though, which makes her look like a robotic baked potato (even if the shape compliments her figure nicely). She's a pretty girl and I don't know why stylist Andre Leon Talley chooses to dress her so badly. And why she pays him to do it.

Jill Hennessy vamps it up in a dress made from an old curtain. Actually, the dress is nice and has an interesting racer back detail; I just don't much like the fabric.

Ashley Olsen actually smiled. News at 11.

Betcha nobody would have invited Eli Manning had he not led the NY Giants to a Superbowl victory. And I can't decide if his wife is cute, or just another a trashy-looking bleached blonde. (Where was nemesis Tom Brady and Gisele?)

Edie Falco, God love her, looks like the before photo in an advertisement for sun damage prevention. Sunscreen, baby, sunscreen!!


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