Saturday, August 30, 2008

Project Runway - Episode Seven

This week's episode starts off at the Atlas apartments, as usual, where we hear Kenley lament the departure of Daniel...

...and Keith despairing that he ended up in the bottom two last week.

The designers troop over to Parsons where Heidi reveals her fashion inspiration of the day.

After eliminating two models, she tells the designers to meet Tim on the roof of 142 West 31st Street. It's a parking garage, which gives Stella hope.

Ascending the elevator to the roof, the designers speculate as to what they might find at the top. Disgusted viewers ready to push them off the edge? David Dust with a dirty fork? Alas, nothing so fun. There are ten Saturn Vue Hybrids, one Tim Gunn, and one Chris Webb, lead color designer for Saturn. Hey Chris - how about trying colors that are actually interesting?

Tim tells the designers that the cars are stockpiled with miscellaneous car parts and these items are to be used in an innovative design of their choice. It's like Gristedes, part II. But this time they have to pay more attention to the word "innovation."

The designers are given bags and old-lady shopping carts and must race to grab all of the stuff they can out of the vehicles to lug back to Parsons. Suede thinks the challenge know...

I think Chris was upset that he didn't get to say, "one minutes weft."

Back at Parsons, the designers schlep up their booty of seat belts, upholstery fabric, and floor mats. Tim gives them until midnight to work and tells them the winner of this challenge gets immunity. He also admonishes them to enjoy the challenge.

After Tim leaves, we find that Keith is determined to win this competition because he thinks he's a pretty talented designer.

Maybe try designing something not ugly for a change? You were very fortunate that the judges passed a bong around before the runway show of the Lipstick Jungle challenge and that Brooke took the biggest hit.

The designers concentrate on innovative. Maybe Tim should have left them with a dictionary.

Well, that's a start at least.

Then we see more of Suede and his wackadoodle.

Don't know what that was all about, nor if his dad came to him in a dream and told him to plant brussels sprouts in a Saturn Vue.

Back on earth, he tells Kenley that her drawing zebra stripes on air filters is awesome. And Stella is working on something that looks like a leather helmet that she says is very "Planet of the Apes." Blayne plays Darth Vadar in it, saying "I am your father, Luke," which sets Suede to crying over his pa again.

Tim comes in with the models for a fitting but tells Kenley that Shannone has dropped out of the competition. Kenley is upset because her new model, Germaine, is built differently, so she will have to "retool" her design, as it were.

Terri cracks herself up over the stiffness of Korto's coat made from woven seatbelts. She literally ROFL. Jerrell gives us a piece of his mind about that Terri.

The next morning, Tim sends in the models to be dressed and then sent down to the Corporate Sponsorship Beauty Lounge for hair and makeup. Keith tells his model not to sit...because he wasn't smart enough to leave a decently-sized seam allowance. The boy must dream about being lead designer for K-Mart or something.

Of course the seam splits, and Keith is livid, but he chooses to blame the model rather than his lack of sewing skills.

You're lucky he isn't stapling the fabric directly to your skin.

After this bit of drama, it's time for the runway show.

You look very nice today, Heidi. [eyeroll]

The judges go wild over Korto's Coat O' Seatbelts. It's a variation of the tablecloth kimono thing she made in episode one, although shorter and without a fruit basket on the collar. I'm not saying that this wasn't an innovative way to use is almost as innovative as my Harvey's purse made from seatbelts woven in exactly the same just looks stiff and uncomfortable. Not to mention heavy. I like it...but I'm just sayin'.

And now for the winner of this challenge - Leanne. Her dress was innovative for the way she used the shapes already existing in the fabric pieces. Those curves on the hips are playful and fun, and surprisingly not unflattering. And the amount of ruffly seatbelt pieces is just right. However, I'm surprised that Michael Kors didn't make some comment about this being a French maid in bondage, or other similar catty remark. Guess if his aunt wouldn't wear it to a bar mitzvah, it passes muster. Guest judge Rachel Zoe thought the look could go "straight to Paris."

Stella's attempt at "pretty" was a failure, and the skirt looked poorly sewn. The pieces didn't go together. But somehow it wasn't quite as bad as...

...Keith's. It was boring, plain, hum-drum, completely lacking innovation, apart from the fact that there are no fringes or wadded up bits of snot rag hanging from it.

It looks bad from the front, but worse from the rear, as the back of the top appears to have been made from one of the mesh map pockets found on the back of a driver's seat, the belt was haphazardly applied, and there was a gap at the top of the skirt, none of which were the poor model's fault. But he still tried to blame her for his problems. And while he was at it, he told the judges he was insulted by the criticism he got for his molting drag queen outfit the previous week.

Michael Kors told him that he had to deal with the criticism, because he was going to get plenty of it. Sound advice to designers everywhere! If you're going to be in the public eye, someone (or several someones) aren't going to like everything you design.

Keith got the double cheek air kiss of death and cried all the way back to Utah, complaining it was unfair that he got cut for presenting something that wasn't him. Sorry, hon, you design it, you create it, you present it, it IS you. Buh-bye creepy Keith!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Shear Genius Party

So where shall I start? Maybe the beginning would be good, eh?

When I got to NY, I took a cab from Penn Station to our hotel, the Tribeca Grand, where the event would be taking place. After checking in (but not yet able to get into my room) I left my bag in care of the porter and headed up 6th Avenue on my way to see Nina Garcia at Saks. I noticed Charlie Price and his sister a few steps ahead of me on the sidewalk and introduced myself. Charlie immediately reached out for a hug and remarked that he was happy to see I was there. The three of us walked together for several blocks, gossiping about certain Mormon reality show contestants and the like before they headed off to lunch and I found a cab to take me to Bergdorf Goodman.

I had intended to be at BG for only half an hour or so before heading to Saks, but I ended up in a makeup artist's chair for a good two hours as he transformed me for my red carpet event. My tanned and handsome artist, who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, looked like a cross between David Beckham and Tom Ford. He was so entertaining as he did my face, the time passed before I knew it, and I missed Nina. Oh well...I have met Nina before. And you can't beat off-the-record celebrity gossip!

Back at the hotel, I met up with Laura K and we chatted a bit before realizing we had a 5:30 dinner reservation at Perilla so we needed to get our asses in motion. And our dinner companions were to be Malan Breton and Amanda Fields. Unfortunately for you, pretty much our entire dinner conversation was also off-the-record (I'm such a tease!), but let me just say that I had a lot of fun. And the food was good too.

Back at the hotel we changed into party attire and went down to the hotel's party room where I met Daniel! Laura snapped a picture of us with Charlie, acting all suave in his Tom Ford for Gucci blazer.

Then I was distracted by the gawjuss Rene Fris. And...Jaclyn Smith. The cute dude between them is Jaclyn's stylist, Lorenzo, who works for Jose Eber.

Jaclyn is stunning in person. I gushed about how gorgeous she looked and complimented Lorenzo on her hair and makeup. Then we chatted about the blogs. Both Jaclyn and Rene insist they don't read the blogs or the recaps. I'm sure Rene knows he doesn't escape unscathed, although for the most part we all think the show would suffer if he were not on it. He's got a crazy accent, but he's so much fun to watch. And drool over.

I told Jaclyn that I haven't read anything particularly mean about her. At least not from the SG recappers. There are people out there that criticize her looks, but I don't think any of them are going to look half as good at her age.

Also in attendance were Gail and Glenn, both such pretty ladies and far more attractive in person than on TV. Glenn said by the end of taping any particular episode, any makeup they had on had melted off under the lights. That's Laura K in the green, btw. She's a lot of fun.

We were able to take my favorite recapper, David Dust, to the party with us, along with Malan and Amanda. And we spotted another Project Runway favorite, Emmett McCarthy come in later in the evening.

At just before 10pm we entered the hotel's theatre to watch the show. My row had Malan, David, myself, Amanda, and Laura. Malan was cracking David up with his hilarious asides, all of which he apologized for in his charming way. He even got me to snort a couple of times - loudly. I barely paid attention to the show, I was having such a good time in the audience. But in the end...Dee emerged victorious.

I liked Dee. I knew from the first episode that she would be the winner, and I can't exactly put a finger on why I thought that. And she's the only stylist I didn't get to meet that evening, because she always seemed to be busy chatting with someone else, and I didn't feel important enough to barge in and introduce myself. Anyway...congrats to Dee. (But I really wanted Charlie to win. Or Daniel. Or Paulo. Or Glenn. Ok, I know they can't all win.)

I'm Baaack!

Didja miss me?

I still haven't seen the most recent episode of Project Runway, so bear with me on waiting for that recap. And there will be no recap of the Shear Genius finale because I didn't take notes as I was sitting there in the theatre at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, watching along with Laura K, David Dust, and a gang of Bravolebrities. Can't blame a gal for trying to have a good time instead of working, huh?

I took lots of photos and I'm waiting for Laura to send a few more to me, and then I'll commence to posting. I already have a post up about our dinner at Harold Dieterle's restaurant, Perilla, so please read that while you wait for more to appear here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interview with Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis was another favorite Shear Genius stylist who I felt should have been in the final three. He was robbed, I tell ya! He was sweet enough to answer a whole big batch o' questions from me, for this blog and for Blogging Shear Genius.

M: Do you read the blogs and the Shear Genius recaps? Did you know that one of the more popular ones refers to you as Lady Bird Johnson? Do you think this is a compliment?

DL: I read most of the blogs, especially Blogging Shear Genius. TLO refers to me as Ladybird because I sound like a middle-aged Dallas socialite (although Ladybird Johnson apparently was from Austin) and I think it’s great. I mean how could I go wrong sounding like such a wonderful woman!

M: You seemed to be a little starstruck by the Housewives of Orange County, and they're not even really celebrities. Who else would have knocked your socks off had they appeared on the show?
DL: First of all, I do love the OC wives and it’s not as much about being starstruck as it is about having respect for a few women who while staying fabulous, still take care of business. Some of these ladies haven’t just fallen into good fortune, they have worked their tails off for it and that is what I truly respect. As for other celebrities, I would fall out for real if Bette Midler came through the door. I mean what an amazing person!

M: What is your favorite brand of hairspray?
DL: My favorite hairspray by far is Aveda Air Control. This is actually a lighter spray and although everyone thinks I like a spray that is liquid concrete, I really much prefer a lighter hold that I can layer on the hair.

M: What other styling products do you like?
DL: I love all things Aveda. Also look forward to the product line that I am currently working on which I hope to launch in early 2009!

M: Have you ever been on another reality show?
DL: I have never done reality T.V. but I may do it again???? Hint..hint

M: What was your family's reaction when you told them you wanted to do hair for a living?
DL: I have a verrrry supportive family and I could have told them I was going to shovel camel dung and they would have been thrilled. As long as I am happy that is all that matters to them.

M: What's your sign?
DL: I am a cancer through and through.

M: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and whom?
DL: I am happy anywhere as long as I am surrounded by my loved ones….OK FINE…Palm Beach with my boyfriend Marco. hehe

M: You seem so sweet on Shear Genius, so I was quite surprised at the whole "Gail has no personality" bit. Was that your idea? And why did you choose to be MC rather than doing an impression, say of....Glenn?
DL: The Gail thing was totally impromptu and was all me. Gail is a sweet, talented individual but I guess because of the press where she just whined about her worry of being kicked off every second (my constant statement to her was “Gail get off the cross…Jesus needs it back…LOL). I don’t think she allowed any of us to see her real personality which I’m sure is as dynamic as she is beautiful. As for me being the MC, I just like to host things. Someone had to keep some sort of flow or else it would have just been Nicole acting crazy and Charlie in a skirt…..and that wouldn’t have been different than any other night! LOL!!

The fabulous Daniel answers more questions here

Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue

The latest in the Andy Warhol line of scents by Bond No. 9, Lexington Avenue is billed as a “floral woody chypre,” with notes of peony, orris, patchouli, sandalwood, cardamom, fennel, almonds, cumin, and crème brulée. It’s a “seductive and intoxicating autumn-winter fragrance” and “the perfume equivalent of that rarity, an outrageously luxurious pair of stiletto heels that fit as comfortably as a glove. Wearing the sent, like wearing the shoes, will turn a woman’s walk into a sinuous glide.”

Personally, I think wearing stiletto heels would make my walk more like a stumble and fall, but that’s me. I’m a flats kinda girl. Not that I don’t appreciate the look of a gorgeous sky-high heel, I just have no use for them in my life. And I feel that way about chypres. There’s just something about them that I don’t care for, a sort of dirty hair quality that turns me off. So when I looked at the press materials for Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue, I was pretty sure I would hate it.

Then I tried it on.

The opening is rich and fruity with a lovely sweet spice from the cardamom and a soft creaminess from the almonds.  Yes, I did say “fruity.”  I am surprised there are no listed notes of peach/plum because I smell a rich ripeness, more fresh than jammy, but definitely fruit. It mingles with the spices to produce a fragrance reminiscent of a cobbler.  And then there’s a sneaky note of cumin that pops up – faint, but noticeable – and a bit of aromatic fennel.  Soft woodsy notes start to come out a bit when it dries down, but nothing much to overcome the delicious gourmand quality that is only enhanced by a big hit of custard.  Like a sexy drizzle of crème Anglaise.

I think to myself, “this is no chypre. I love it!”

Wearing this scent on my forearm, all I smell is a trip to the pie shop. But then I spritzed Lexington Avenue on my décolletage, where I usually wear scent. Suddenly that familiar warm funky earthiness jumped out at me – it was a chypre! If I tilted my head downward toward the smell, I got the sweet, spicy fruit. When I picked my head back up, I got the chypre effect. Despite that, I still love Lexington Avenue. It’s a chypre for those folks who might be a little scared of the classics like Mitsouko, and who enjoy a rich gourmand fragrance.

nd the bottle design is terrific!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Reminder

The Project Runway recap will be late this week - hopefully I can get it done sometime Friday or Sunday. Maybe Monday. If at all. Depends on when I get a chance to see this week's episode. You see, I'll be in NY on Wednesday attending the Shear Genius finale viewing party, hobnobbing with such fabulosity as Charlie Price, Dee Adames, and Nicole Obert, as well as the lovely Laura K of Blogging Project Runway, and my dear David Dust.

Don't worry, you'll get all the dish, here and at Blogging Shear Genius.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Experience Fashion Week in NY First Hand! winning these tickets to Malan Breton's show, Thursday September 11, at 9am. The bidding ends August 28th and proceeds go to Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA).

BC/EFA is the nation's leading industry-based, not-for-profit AIDS fundraising and grant making organization. BC/EFA is the on-going, committed response from the American Theatre community to an urgent worldwide health crisis. By drawing upon the talents, resources, and generosity of this community, BC/EFA raises funds for AIDS-related causes across the United States. Since its founding in 1988, BC/EFA has raised over $140 million for critically needed services for people with AIDS, HIV or HIV-related illnesses.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

This photo says, "Crack is wack."

Thank you, Stella B. Zotis, for that public service announcement.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Project Runway - Episode Six

At the Atlas, we see Joe and Blayne discussing whether Keith should have won the previous challenge. Joe thinks the judges must be blind to Keith's swatches and patches. Brooke Shields was pretty blind too, obviously, as she's going to end up looking like Big Bird in the thing.

Then at Parsons, the designers are greeted by a fairly low-key-looking Heidi. We soon see why as she brings out a special guest - season 4 contestant Chris March, in full drag as a Teutonic, er, beauty.

Chris reveals that this weeks's challenge would be to design an outfit for...

drag queens! And out paraded Farrah Moans, Acid Betty, Hedda Lettuce, and other luminaries of the drag world, in full regalia. Chris urged the designers to be as theatrical and over-the-top as they could muster. Heidi then pulls out the Black Velvet Bag and allows designers to select their very own drag queen with which to work.

After selection, Heidi tells them all to go upstairs to meet with Tim. Then she turns to Chris, and I swear she said something like, "come on, Chubs," to him.

Next we hear Joe putting his Douche Bag on. He talks about the challenge being very out of his realm. And he's going to approach it like he's making a Halloween costume for his daughter. He needed to denigrate the drag queens and re-state the fact that he's straight, all in the same breath.

Meanwhile, we all saw you checking them out on the runway, Straight Joe, with a big grin on your face. You liked what you saw.

Designers and Queens had 30 minutes to consult. Tim offered some sage advice. And he mentioned that the costumes would be auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. He also informs the designers that the winner this week will have immunity.

After a trip to Mood for fabric, the designers work their magic.

Keith plans to bring out yet another style of Fagulous Fringe to work with this week. And he has plenty of other styles of shredded fabric up the sleeves of his wife self husband beater.

Daniel must not be mad at Kenley for laughing at him last week, because he calls her "honey" and requests that she take her bra off. For his mannequin!

Blayne comes up with a drag queen name for himself - of course that would be "Neonlicious." Stella is "Leatherlicious." Leanne is annoyed with the whole "licious" thing.

The next day, we start off with Suede telling us about the dream he had the night before:

That inspired him to make little Brussels Sprouts for the sleeves of his client, Hedda Lettuce. When the clients come in for a fitting, Hedda complains that he feels barnacle-y, or Godzilla-ish. He accuses Suede of being lazy because he chose to make gloves rather than sleeves. Hello! Apparently he doesn't realize how much more difficult it is to make a glove - a fitted item with five small fingers - rather than a simple tube-like sleeve. Suede had every right to be pissed.

Later, Tim comes up for rounds with Chris March. He compliments Blayne by telling him that his costume looks like a "pterodactyl from a gay Jurassic Park." It wasn't supposed to be a compliment, but hey, isn't that what one wants a drag queen costume to look like?

They also advise Suede not to let Hedda give him shit.

Soon it's time for the drag queens to come back and get into costume.

Jerrell and Blayne can't wait to see Keith's "Wookiee onesie." Honey, a self-respecting Wookiee wouldn't be caught dead in such a nightmare. Nor should a drag queen.

After squeezing everyone into their sequins and adjusting their wigs, it's time for the runway show. Heidi again looks remarkably subtle compared to her recent outfits. Perhaps she thought Michael Kors "slutty slutty slutty" was referring to her.

The special guest judge is none other than RuPaul! Fun facts: RuPaul's birthday is November 17th, the same as theminx. Also, theminx is a proud owner of her Christmas album. She still looks good, yet not. Like a cross between Skeletor and Arsenio Hall. Ah...a shame we all have to get older.

The drag queens parade proudly down the runway and after several are deemed safe, the designers are savaged by the judges.

Keith, last week's winner, bore the brunt of several harsh comments. Nina didn't understand the look at all, and that it looked like a puzzle. It reminded Michael Kors of bad poultry.

He thought Jerrell's costume for the lovely LaMay was proper Bar Mitzvah attire.

On the more positive side, Terri's samurai outfit gave the judges thoughts of both Diana Ross in Mahogany and Gene Simmons of Kiss. Personally, I thought it was more Pete Burns of Dead or Alive. In any case, it was amazing and should have won this challenge.

But no, Terri was robbed. Douchey Joe pulled out this pink sailor jumpsuit and won rave reviews (and the win, and immunity). I have to admit, it was cute, and Varla Jean Merman seemed to love it.

Daniel's dress, on the other hand, got him the boot. He didn't want to do gaudy, and sequins would have made him throw up, so he did as tasteful a dress as a drag queen could ever wear, a tie-dye flamenco number that would have looked great on Heidi. Not so good for Annida Greenkard. it worse than Keith's fringed monstrosity? Keith did win last week, but as his outfit was going to be worn in an upcoming episode of Lipstick Jungle, he didn't get immunity.

At least Daniel can find comfort in the waiting Wesley's arms.


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