Tuesday, May 6, 2008

JCK Jewelers Choice Awards 2008

Jewelers Circular Keystone held a competition in which readers - members of the retail jewelry industry - voted on the top jewelry products in several categories. "The macro goal of JCK is to help retailers, so how better to help them than to give them a voice and expose them to phenomenal product?" says JCK publisher Mark Smelzer.

The winners were the usual selection of over-embellished diamond jewelry, most of which had already been featured heavily in the magazine. But there were some unusual winners and finalists.

I've always had an interest in snake jewelry (I was born in a year of the snake, many moons ago) and so this diamond and opal snake ring really struck my fancy. It's by Sylva Yepremian of Sylva & Cie of Los Angeles. This was a finalist in the best ring design over $10,000 category. Another finalist in the category was Sevan at Viewpoint.

This cuff by Sarah Graham, winner of the other metals jewelry $1,001 to $3,500 category, was inspired by the lacy patterns formed by the extremely rotted wood of a long-dead tree.

Goth sneaks its way into fine jewelry in these K Brunini cuffs with spiderweb motif, finalist in the "Spring Revelations" - jewelry in celebration of "May is Gold Month" over $3000 category.

This watch by Hardcore Watches is just hideously macabre. But people apparently liked it enough to vote it a winner in the $1,001 - $10,000 watch category.


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