Friday, May 9, 2008

Washington Tremelett My Fair Lady

Notes: mandarin, orange, rose, violet, amber

My Fair Lady starts out with a powdery yet frothy violet note that's reminiscent of the aerosol deodorant opening of Insolence, but far more pleasant and less-chemical. And almost boozy, as if the mandarin and orange are really a shot of Grand Marnier.

This is quite the girly scent, with roses giggling about with the violet.  It's almost like a lite version of FMLipstick Rose, but note quite as unabashedly joyful...maybe slightly more refined.  I wish the citrus notes were a little sharper to cut through all the powderiness, as that can get to be too much for me sometimes.

The amber in the drydown is faint at first, adding a bit of a different sort of sweetness that's slightly creamy, but even there the violet and rose are still the stars of this one.  But, hours later, the combination of floral notes and amber soften into a lovely skin scent that is well worth the wait.  Pretty and feminine.


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