Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Russian Fashion Week 2008

Geez - everyone has a Fashion Week these days! Russia's was held in Moscow in March (sounds poetic, but I'm sure it's just...cold). Here are some of the highlights.

Antonia Sharpovalova (say that five times fast) has a thing for whimsy and her collection featured images of Matryoshka, those clever nesting dolls. All those pompoms are a bit much, particularly when worn with shorts and a t.

Olga Shilova's and Anastasia Sergeeva's designs are a wee bit old fashioned.

Masha Kravtzova's are a little ugly, although give the model credit for trying to have a little fun while wearing a black plastic garbage bag for a skirt.

Ludmila Narsoyan of Kusso is bringing sexy back to babushkas. :::cue Kate Bush:::

And Max Chernitsov's undies are just...Klassy.


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