Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dior Resortwear 2009 Collection

This week John Galliano for Dior kicked off the Resortwear season with a dazzling collection in hues of lime green, orange, and pink accessorized with oversized baubles in coral and turquoise. There were 60s looks aplenty, from Hollywood glamor to beach blanket bingo. Here are some of my favorites from the collection.

Love, love, love. Especially the shiny striped capris.

Love, love, love. But only young women with perfect midriffs should attempt the third look. Please, no aging socialites!

I want to drink margaritas in the first look, a gin and tonic in the second, and a glass of champagne in the third.

Now that's how to wear leopard! And doesn't Stam look so glam in lime chiffon?

The orange dress is perfect. The other outfit is very bed jacket and nightgown, but somehow it works.


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