Saturday, August 30, 2008

Project Runway - Episode Seven

This week's episode starts off at the Atlas apartments, as usual, where we hear Kenley lament the departure of Daniel...

...and Keith despairing that he ended up in the bottom two last week.

The designers troop over to Parsons where Heidi reveals her fashion inspiration of the day.

After eliminating two models, she tells the designers to meet Tim on the roof of 142 West 31st Street. It's a parking garage, which gives Stella hope.

Ascending the elevator to the roof, the designers speculate as to what they might find at the top. Disgusted viewers ready to push them off the edge? David Dust with a dirty fork? Alas, nothing so fun. There are ten Saturn Vue Hybrids, one Tim Gunn, and one Chris Webb, lead color designer for Saturn. Hey Chris - how about trying colors that are actually interesting?

Tim tells the designers that the cars are stockpiled with miscellaneous car parts and these items are to be used in an innovative design of their choice. It's like Gristedes, part II. But this time they have to pay more attention to the word "innovation."

The designers are given bags and old-lady shopping carts and must race to grab all of the stuff they can out of the vehicles to lug back to Parsons. Suede thinks the challenge know...

I think Chris was upset that he didn't get to say, "one minutes weft."

Back at Parsons, the designers schlep up their booty of seat belts, upholstery fabric, and floor mats. Tim gives them until midnight to work and tells them the winner of this challenge gets immunity. He also admonishes them to enjoy the challenge.

After Tim leaves, we find that Keith is determined to win this competition because he thinks he's a pretty talented designer.

Maybe try designing something not ugly for a change? You were very fortunate that the judges passed a bong around before the runway show of the Lipstick Jungle challenge and that Brooke took the biggest hit.

The designers concentrate on innovative. Maybe Tim should have left them with a dictionary.

Well, that's a start at least.

Then we see more of Suede and his wackadoodle.

Don't know what that was all about, nor if his dad came to him in a dream and told him to plant brussels sprouts in a Saturn Vue.

Back on earth, he tells Kenley that her drawing zebra stripes on air filters is awesome. And Stella is working on something that looks like a leather helmet that she says is very "Planet of the Apes." Blayne plays Darth Vadar in it, saying "I am your father, Luke," which sets Suede to crying over his pa again.

Tim comes in with the models for a fitting but tells Kenley that Shannone has dropped out of the competition. Kenley is upset because her new model, Germaine, is built differently, so she will have to "retool" her design, as it were.

Terri cracks herself up over the stiffness of Korto's coat made from woven seatbelts. She literally ROFL. Jerrell gives us a piece of his mind about that Terri.

The next morning, Tim sends in the models to be dressed and then sent down to the Corporate Sponsorship Beauty Lounge for hair and makeup. Keith tells his model not to sit...because he wasn't smart enough to leave a decently-sized seam allowance. The boy must dream about being lead designer for K-Mart or something.

Of course the seam splits, and Keith is livid, but he chooses to blame the model rather than his lack of sewing skills.

You're lucky he isn't stapling the fabric directly to your skin.

After this bit of drama, it's time for the runway show.

You look very nice today, Heidi. [eyeroll]

The judges go wild over Korto's Coat O' Seatbelts. It's a variation of the tablecloth kimono thing she made in episode one, although shorter and without a fruit basket on the collar. I'm not saying that this wasn't an innovative way to use is almost as innovative as my Harvey's purse made from seatbelts woven in exactly the same just looks stiff and uncomfortable. Not to mention heavy. I like it...but I'm just sayin'.

And now for the winner of this challenge - Leanne. Her dress was innovative for the way she used the shapes already existing in the fabric pieces. Those curves on the hips are playful and fun, and surprisingly not unflattering. And the amount of ruffly seatbelt pieces is just right. However, I'm surprised that Michael Kors didn't make some comment about this being a French maid in bondage, or other similar catty remark. Guess if his aunt wouldn't wear it to a bar mitzvah, it passes muster. Guest judge Rachel Zoe thought the look could go "straight to Paris."

Stella's attempt at "pretty" was a failure, and the skirt looked poorly sewn. The pieces didn't go together. But somehow it wasn't quite as bad as...

...Keith's. It was boring, plain, hum-drum, completely lacking innovation, apart from the fact that there are no fringes or wadded up bits of snot rag hanging from it.

It looks bad from the front, but worse from the rear, as the back of the top appears to have been made from one of the mesh map pockets found on the back of a driver's seat, the belt was haphazardly applied, and there was a gap at the top of the skirt, none of which were the poor model's fault. But he still tried to blame her for his problems. And while he was at it, he told the judges he was insulted by the criticism he got for his molting drag queen outfit the previous week.

Michael Kors told him that he had to deal with the criticism, because he was going to get plenty of it. Sound advice to designers everywhere! If you're going to be in the public eye, someone (or several someones) aren't going to like everything you design.

Keith got the double cheek air kiss of death and cried all the way back to Utah, complaining it was unfair that he got cut for presenting something that wasn't him. Sorry, hon, you design it, you create it, you present it, it IS you. Buh-bye creepy Keith!


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