Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I had asked Laura K if we could stop by Emmett McCarthy's shop, EMC2, on Thursday morning. I had wanted to check out his wares for some time now, and had been disappointed to find the shop closed on the one time I happened past it in April '07 (that's when I took the pic) on the way to a Sniffapalooza event.

Lucky for me, Emmett said he would be at the shop and invited us to come by. We chatted in his newly-built office extension for a good while and he told us he'd be on QVC from 4 - 5 PM on Friday, September 12th selling his line of "boutique chic" handbags called Equation. If I can't be at fashion week, I may as well be glued to the television, shopping, right?

Back in the shop, who should we find but Gail Soifer and Glenn Mitchell from Shear Genius, along with Glenn's husband Nick. As the girls shopped for dresses, Laura and I bought some shoes. I fell in love with these:

A wee bit shop-worn, but they were marked down to about a third of the original price. Cute, no? Pointy toes, bows, toe cleavage, and a bit of height - without my feeling like I'm teetering on spikes. While theminx loves the look of a high heel, she's not so keen on wearing them. (Emmett showed us some shoes from his upcoming line and some of them are absolutely gorgeous. Particularly the heels.)

I love his clothes, but they are all for tiny people. So far. He told us he'll be upping his size range soon, which is good news for those of us who can't fit in a size 4. Ahem. :)


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