Friday, August 22, 2008

Project Runway - Episode Six

At the Atlas, we see Joe and Blayne discussing whether Keith should have won the previous challenge. Joe thinks the judges must be blind to Keith's swatches and patches. Brooke Shields was pretty blind too, obviously, as she's going to end up looking like Big Bird in the thing.

Then at Parsons, the designers are greeted by a fairly low-key-looking Heidi. We soon see why as she brings out a special guest - season 4 contestant Chris March, in full drag as a Teutonic, er, beauty.

Chris reveals that this weeks's challenge would be to design an outfit for...

drag queens! And out paraded Farrah Moans, Acid Betty, Hedda Lettuce, and other luminaries of the drag world, in full regalia. Chris urged the designers to be as theatrical and over-the-top as they could muster. Heidi then pulls out the Black Velvet Bag and allows designers to select their very own drag queen with which to work.

After selection, Heidi tells them all to go upstairs to meet with Tim. Then she turns to Chris, and I swear she said something like, "come on, Chubs," to him.

Next we hear Joe putting his Douche Bag on. He talks about the challenge being very out of his realm. And he's going to approach it like he's making a Halloween costume for his daughter. He needed to denigrate the drag queens and re-state the fact that he's straight, all in the same breath.

Meanwhile, we all saw you checking them out on the runway, Straight Joe, with a big grin on your face. You liked what you saw.

Designers and Queens had 30 minutes to consult. Tim offered some sage advice. And he mentioned that the costumes would be auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. He also informs the designers that the winner this week will have immunity.

After a trip to Mood for fabric, the designers work their magic.

Keith plans to bring out yet another style of Fagulous Fringe to work with this week. And he has plenty of other styles of shredded fabric up the sleeves of his wife self husband beater.

Daniel must not be mad at Kenley for laughing at him last week, because he calls her "honey" and requests that she take her bra off. For his mannequin!

Blayne comes up with a drag queen name for himself - of course that would be "Neonlicious." Stella is "Leatherlicious." Leanne is annoyed with the whole "licious" thing.

The next day, we start off with Suede telling us about the dream he had the night before:

That inspired him to make little Brussels Sprouts for the sleeves of his client, Hedda Lettuce. When the clients come in for a fitting, Hedda complains that he feels barnacle-y, or Godzilla-ish. He accuses Suede of being lazy because he chose to make gloves rather than sleeves. Hello! Apparently he doesn't realize how much more difficult it is to make a glove - a fitted item with five small fingers - rather than a simple tube-like sleeve. Suede had every right to be pissed.

Later, Tim comes up for rounds with Chris March. He compliments Blayne by telling him that his costume looks like a "pterodactyl from a gay Jurassic Park." It wasn't supposed to be a compliment, but hey, isn't that what one wants a drag queen costume to look like?

They also advise Suede not to let Hedda give him shit.

Soon it's time for the drag queens to come back and get into costume.

Jerrell and Blayne can't wait to see Keith's "Wookiee onesie." Honey, a self-respecting Wookiee wouldn't be caught dead in such a nightmare. Nor should a drag queen.

After squeezing everyone into their sequins and adjusting their wigs, it's time for the runway show. Heidi again looks remarkably subtle compared to her recent outfits. Perhaps she thought Michael Kors "slutty slutty slutty" was referring to her.

The special guest judge is none other than RuPaul! Fun facts: RuPaul's birthday is November 17th, the same as theminx. Also, theminx is a proud owner of her Christmas album. She still looks good, yet not. Like a cross between Skeletor and Arsenio Hall. Ah...a shame we all have to get older.

The drag queens parade proudly down the runway and after several are deemed safe, the designers are savaged by the judges.

Keith, last week's winner, bore the brunt of several harsh comments. Nina didn't understand the look at all, and that it looked like a puzzle. It reminded Michael Kors of bad poultry.

He thought Jerrell's costume for the lovely LaMay was proper Bar Mitzvah attire.

On the more positive side, Terri's samurai outfit gave the judges thoughts of both Diana Ross in Mahogany and Gene Simmons of Kiss. Personally, I thought it was more Pete Burns of Dead or Alive. In any case, it was amazing and should have won this challenge.

But no, Terri was robbed. Douchey Joe pulled out this pink sailor jumpsuit and won rave reviews (and the win, and immunity). I have to admit, it was cute, and Varla Jean Merman seemed to love it.

Daniel's dress, on the other hand, got him the boot. He didn't want to do gaudy, and sequins would have made him throw up, so he did as tasteful a dress as a drag queen could ever wear, a tie-dye flamenco number that would have looked great on Heidi. Not so good for Annida Greenkard. it worse than Keith's fringed monstrosity? Keith did win last week, but as his outfit was going to be worn in an upcoming episode of Lipstick Jungle, he didn't get immunity.

At least Daniel can find comfort in the waiting Wesley's arms.


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