Thursday, August 21, 2008

Interview with Charlie Price

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a comment from "Charlie Price" pop up on one of my Shear Genius posts. It turned out to be the real deal: everyone's favorite deliciously evil stylist, Charlie Price, reads my recaps. And he was nice (surprise!) enough to let me ask him a few questions.

M: What is your sign? Are you a rare 3-faced Gemini, or maybe a Scorpio?
CP: im a virgo- the most icy, remote, enigmatic, and impossible sign-

M: I've heard others say you prefer to style hair, and not do cuts or color. Is this true? Why?
CP: i find it funny that people say this about me - especially on the show - after all i won three cut and color challenges on the show and my colors were the most well-received. even kim vo liked my colors - i always say that traditional "cut only" stylists sort of "look down" on those who specialize in updos or styling - as if it is somehow degrading - ultimately anyone who deems me a lightweight will eat their words.

M: So did you ever make it on The Soup? Did you and Nekisa collaborate on the scenes where you pick on her?
CP: i never did end up on the soup damnit!!! (i thought for sure i would get on for the nekisa bit) - i dont know if nekisa would say that we collaborated lol - i would though! - she was a hilarious and precious foil for my evil schtick!

M: Are you really a bitch, or do you just play that way for TV?
CP: i am a total bitch - but i dont usually fire unless fired upon - but you know girl - hell hath no fury.....

M: You remind me of one of the Beagle Boys (character from Uncle Scrooge comics) with your heavy-framed glasses and shaved head. Yet you look almost innocent in the head shot from your Web site (seen above). Which is the real you?
CP: they are both me - i can be sweet or vicious depending on my mood (or whether im on the right meds).

M: What do you like best about doing hair? The fame? The glamor? The chicks? Ok, maybe not the chicks....
CP: i am a hairdresser because i love fashion and beauty - i love being a platform artist and i love doing photo shoots - i cant think of a job that has more variety - i feel like my career is four rolled into one - and being around chicks is great - ive seen more naked models than a porn director - i just think their hair makeup and shoes (and choosing what music they will catwalk to) is much hotter than sex with them.

M: Do you read all of the blogs and recaps? Do you find them mostly amusing? Has anyone said anything particularly offensive? What has been the funniest thing you've read?
CP: yes i read all the recaps - i love them all - there are too many funny comments to mention about me i especially love it when someone gets so wrapped up in hating me - its very wicked fun - the only one that was too much was on the bravo message board where they wanted me to get dropped off at an army base so that i could be turned into a "real man" or even a "real gay man" - i got over it though cause that is a sexual fantasy of mine.

M: If you could style anyone's hair, living or dead, who would it be and why?
CP: i would do madonna's hair because she is my hero - i adore her.

M: What's your favorite beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, and your favorite food?
CP: well i do love my white woman crack (aka chardonnay) but i also love jack daniels - my favorite food is spaghetti - yum!

M: If you could work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
CP: i love working in new york - i did ten years of fashion week in new york and am always inspired by the energy amazing people and the opportunities that i find there.

Photo of Charlie Price borrowed from his official Web site.


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