Friday, August 29, 2008

Shear Genius Party

So where shall I start? Maybe the beginning would be good, eh?

When I got to NY, I took a cab from Penn Station to our hotel, the Tribeca Grand, where the event would be taking place. After checking in (but not yet able to get into my room) I left my bag in care of the porter and headed up 6th Avenue on my way to see Nina Garcia at Saks. I noticed Charlie Price and his sister a few steps ahead of me on the sidewalk and introduced myself. Charlie immediately reached out for a hug and remarked that he was happy to see I was there. The three of us walked together for several blocks, gossiping about certain Mormon reality show contestants and the like before they headed off to lunch and I found a cab to take me to Bergdorf Goodman.

I had intended to be at BG for only half an hour or so before heading to Saks, but I ended up in a makeup artist's chair for a good two hours as he transformed me for my red carpet event. My tanned and handsome artist, who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, looked like a cross between David Beckham and Tom Ford. He was so entertaining as he did my face, the time passed before I knew it, and I missed Nina. Oh well...I have met Nina before. And you can't beat off-the-record celebrity gossip!

Back at the hotel, I met up with Laura K and we chatted a bit before realizing we had a 5:30 dinner reservation at Perilla so we needed to get our asses in motion. And our dinner companions were to be Malan Breton and Amanda Fields. Unfortunately for you, pretty much our entire dinner conversation was also off-the-record (I'm such a tease!), but let me just say that I had a lot of fun. And the food was good too.

Back at the hotel we changed into party attire and went down to the hotel's party room where I met Daniel! Laura snapped a picture of us with Charlie, acting all suave in his Tom Ford for Gucci blazer.

Then I was distracted by the gawjuss Rene Fris. And...Jaclyn Smith. The cute dude between them is Jaclyn's stylist, Lorenzo, who works for Jose Eber.

Jaclyn is stunning in person. I gushed about how gorgeous she looked and complimented Lorenzo on her hair and makeup. Then we chatted about the blogs. Both Jaclyn and Rene insist they don't read the blogs or the recaps. I'm sure Rene knows he doesn't escape unscathed, although for the most part we all think the show would suffer if he were not on it. He's got a crazy accent, but he's so much fun to watch. And drool over.

I told Jaclyn that I haven't read anything particularly mean about her. At least not from the SG recappers. There are people out there that criticize her looks, but I don't think any of them are going to look half as good at her age.

Also in attendance were Gail and Glenn, both such pretty ladies and far more attractive in person than on TV. Glenn said by the end of taping any particular episode, any makeup they had on had melted off under the lights. That's Laura K in the green, btw. She's a lot of fun.

We were able to take my favorite recapper, David Dust, to the party with us, along with Malan and Amanda. And we spotted another Project Runway favorite, Emmett McCarthy come in later in the evening.

At just before 10pm we entered the hotel's theatre to watch the show. My row had Malan, David, myself, Amanda, and Laura. Malan was cracking David up with his hilarious asides, all of which he apologized for in his charming way. He even got me to snort a couple of times - loudly. I barely paid attention to the show, I was having such a good time in the audience. But in the end...Dee emerged victorious.

I liked Dee. I knew from the first episode that she would be the winner, and I can't exactly put a finger on why I thought that. And she's the only stylist I didn't get to meet that evening, because she always seemed to be busy chatting with someone else, and I didn't feel important enough to barge in and introduce myself. Anyway...congrats to Dee. (But I really wanted Charlie to win. Or Daniel. Or Paulo. Or Glenn. Ok, I know they can't all win.)


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