Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interview with Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis was another favorite Shear Genius stylist who I felt should have been in the final three. He was robbed, I tell ya! He was sweet enough to answer a whole big batch o' questions from me, for this blog and for Blogging Shear Genius.

M: Do you read the blogs and the Shear Genius recaps? Did you know that one of the more popular ones refers to you as Lady Bird Johnson? Do you think this is a compliment?

DL: I read most of the blogs, especially Blogging Shear Genius. TLO refers to me as Ladybird because I sound like a middle-aged Dallas socialite (although Ladybird Johnson apparently was from Austin) and I think it’s great. I mean how could I go wrong sounding like such a wonderful woman!

M: You seemed to be a little starstruck by the Housewives of Orange County, and they're not even really celebrities. Who else would have knocked your socks off had they appeared on the show?
DL: First of all, I do love the OC wives and it’s not as much about being starstruck as it is about having respect for a few women who while staying fabulous, still take care of business. Some of these ladies haven’t just fallen into good fortune, they have worked their tails off for it and that is what I truly respect. As for other celebrities, I would fall out for real if Bette Midler came through the door. I mean what an amazing person!

M: What is your favorite brand of hairspray?
DL: My favorite hairspray by far is Aveda Air Control. This is actually a lighter spray and although everyone thinks I like a spray that is liquid concrete, I really much prefer a lighter hold that I can layer on the hair.

M: What other styling products do you like?
DL: I love all things Aveda. Also look forward to the product line that I am currently working on which I hope to launch in early 2009!

M: Have you ever been on another reality show?
DL: I have never done reality T.V. but I may do it again???? Hint..hint

M: What was your family's reaction when you told them you wanted to do hair for a living?
DL: I have a verrrry supportive family and I could have told them I was going to shovel camel dung and they would have been thrilled. As long as I am happy that is all that matters to them.

M: What's your sign?
DL: I am a cancer through and through.

M: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and whom?
DL: I am happy anywhere as long as I am surrounded by my loved ones….OK FINE…Palm Beach with my boyfriend Marco. hehe

M: You seem so sweet on Shear Genius, so I was quite surprised at the whole "Gail has no personality" bit. Was that your idea? And why did you choose to be MC rather than doing an impression, say of....Glenn?
DL: The Gail thing was totally impromptu and was all me. Gail is a sweet, talented individual but I guess because of the press where she just whined about her worry of being kicked off every second (my constant statement to her was “Gail get off the cross…Jesus needs it back…LOL). I don’t think she allowed any of us to see her real personality which I’m sure is as dynamic as she is beautiful. As for me being the MC, I just like to host things. Someone had to keep some sort of flow or else it would have just been Nicole acting crazy and Charlie in a skirt…..and that wouldn’t have been different than any other night! LOL!!

The fabulous Daniel answers more questions here


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