Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentino Spring 2008 Couture

Just when I thought the classic and elegant style of Valentino was no more--what with the retirement of the great designer himself--comes his Spring 2008 Couture collection. I will admit I liked his Spring '08 Ready-to-Wear collection more, but this one is as exquisite and feminine as ever.

(I am now assuming THIS one is his final final collection.)

While I don't like the hemline of the top because it might make all but the skinniest woman look wide, I love the subtle color palette, and the bow/hat is adorable! And I find boat necks to always be flattering, which just might make up for the lower portion of the top.

One can't get more classic, and classy, than this suit.

This reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, even with the lampshade.

A snazzy look for a very deluxe night out on the town.

The bold floral design combined with the shimmery golden bodice makes this dress really special.

I love this one, especially the belt.

What a magnificent coat in such a glorious shade of pink! The look cries out for a simple hat though.

Not for the shrinking violet, this one!

I want this coat. And I wish I could see the dress underneath (almost looks like it has fabric replicas of old vinyl records appliqued to it).

I think this evening dress is just breathtaking. The dress itself is so delicate, like a whisper, but the bold satin bow is a perfect accent.

Ruffles galore! Reminds me of something I've seen on Project Runway recently....

I really love the collar on this dress. The whole thing is very Ice Queen.


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