Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cute Shoes

I was browsing Zappos for cute shoes to wear in New York (gotta be stylish for Fashion Week, you know!) and stumbled upon these cute flats that went straight into my shopping cart.

"Samurai" comes in several color combinations.

Then I spotted these:

This particular pair of "Kitten" is in wine metallic satin. Darling, no?

Here's the skinny on Rocket Dog, straight from their site:
Maybe you've never heard of Max, a speedy little beach dog who gave his nickname to a sandal company start-up in 1997.

By 1999, the line included fashion athletics, dress shoes, boots and flats, and the result hit a sweet spot with style-hungry trendsetters, birthing a phenomenon in the youth culture scene; one with serious magnitude.

Rocket Dog is now an internationally recognized footwear brand whose style is synonymous with the independent, free-spirited vibe of a new pop culture generation.

From those little black shoes for that little black dress to strappy sandals for that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini, Rocket Dog knows that footwear staples don't have to be boring. Flirty and fun. Casual and cute. Hip. Edgy. Confident. Rocket Dog girls.

Based in Hayward , California , Rocket Dog was voted the top footwear brand in many countries, won its share of awards but most importantly is constantly emulated by bigger global brands. Rocket Dog is emerging as a top recognized brand throughout the world. The line is sold at leading department and specialty stores worldwide.

More recently, Rocket Dog launched both men's and children's footwear collections to rave reviews. Don't blink, the best is yet to come.

More Cute Shoes! I like that they come in more colors than the basic black and brown, and patterned shoes are so fresh and youthful. But not so youthful that an old fart like me can't wear them. Here are some of my favorites from the line.


"Karate Chop" - these remind me of the Chinese cotton maryjanes I wore all through high school and into college.


"Glee Club" - these heels (and the ones below) have a retro style that I love. And they actually look like they might be comfortable.

"Gretal Girl"

"Open Call"

In addition to Zappos, you can get these fab shoes at Solestruck and they even have some on sale! (And they have other cute shoes too - go check them out!)


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