Monday, January 7, 2008

Spring 2008 Accessories - Purses

Winter has barely started, but fashion is thinking Spring (and beyond!) Here's a look at some of the most interesting Spring looks in handbags. Some I love, some I hate, but they're all interesting.

How gorgeous is the coloration on this Zac Posen python Zelda frame bag? The trim coordinates so perfectly with the colors in the skin, and the green is a nice contrast.

Another color that grabbed me - a Michael Kors alligator camera bag in my favorite color, chartreuse. I like the shape and the two front pockets, but I could do without the brassy band across the front.

This pink Gucci patent leather clutch with crystal and resin stone embellishment is a bit much, don't you think? I do. It's fun and retro though and would perk up a little black dress very well.

Fendi's hand-painted extra large baguette bag is so exuberantly lovely and Spring-like! I think it could become my favorite daytime bag for the warmer months. If I could afford it, that is. :)

I've always thought that metallic accessories for day were more than a bit tawdry, but I really love this Valentino gold shopper. It looks expensive, classy, and like it would hold the obscene amount of stuff I usually tote around in my handbag.

Ugh. The butter-mint color combination is just horrible, and what's with the glued-on faux coral cabochons on this Louis Vuitton monogram bag? I've never been a fan of their colorful monogram styles, from the Murakami bag on down, but I think this one is particularly ugly. Call me conservative...also call me no friend of pastels.

Burberry's alligator Warrior bag makes me think of Lizzy Gardiner's American Express Gold Card dress and is probably even more expensive.

How many posh second graders will use this Dolce & Gabbana Miss Easy bag in python to lug their books back and forth from school? C'mon, doesn't it remind you of a bookbag? I had one in plaid, with a little plastic window at the top to hold identifying information, much like the little metal plate on this bag.

Innovative, or just ugly? Roberto Cavalli's fringed clutch with a handle that wouldn't look out-of-place in the bathroom - holding a roll of toilet paper.

I'm not particularly loving this color (chartreuse would be better) but it's a lovely simple shape with just the right amount of braided adornment.


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