Monday, January 14, 2008

Fine Jewelry Spotlight - Manak Couture Collection

I stumbled on a photo of a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings and was immediately struck by their antique look and rose-cut diamonds. They were not estate, as I suspected, but designed by Yogendra and Pratima Sethi, whose Manak Couture line incorporates an appreciation for classic styles with a more modern and elaborate use of natural colored diamonds. Their pieces are uniformly gorgeous and no doubt quite pricey.

This Art Deco-style pin is set with colorless and natural brown, yellow, and green diamonds arranged to form a gradation of color, also accented with rose cuts diamonds.

These chandelier-style earrings display large rose cut diamonds with colorless and green diamonds in a setting with Victorian sensibility.

This tulip-form pendant brooch is set with natural pink, yellow, and white diamonds and has a briolette diamond dangle.

This Orchid ring is set with yellow and white diamonds.


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