Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christian Dior Spring 2008 Couture

Ready-to-wear shows are lots of fun and boast the occasional completely wacky design, but nothing beats the couture shows for over-the-top creativity. While there's nothing truly avant-garde or groundbreaking in John Galliano's Spring 2008 Couture collection for venerable design house Christian Dior, there are some fabulous looks. His use of color was particularly exuberant and his matching platform shoes are out of this world.

The color is fabulous, but maybe a bit much for an entire coat and definitely not with matchy-matchy shoes. (Why is it that stylists and fashion editors hate that so much, but designers send color-coordinated shoes out on the runway all the time?)

Is 80s oversized making a comeback? The earrings are huge, the flowers are excessive, but the color is dynamite.

This is a punched-up version of very classic forms. Jackie Kennedy on steroids.

Jackie as Wilma Flintstone...

...but I can't even criticize this one. (Ok, I'm not crazy about the bubble effect of the hem.) I even like this particular lampshade hat (they remind me of the hats Japanese dancers wear).

Who's my favorite artist? That's right, Gustav Klimt! So I am particularly excited about the next several pieces as they don't just borrow heavily but pretty much steal many of the artist's favorite decorative motifs. These are from the painting

The hair is also very Klimtian in shape. I'll bet all of that backcombing and teasing is a bitch to unsnarl.

More Klimt.

This one makes me think of
Klimt's painting of Hygeia - all she needs is the snake.


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