Friday, January 25, 2008

Christian Lacroix Spring 2008 Couture

"Opulent" is probably the best adjective to describe this season's couture collection from Christian Lacroix. I am reminded both of the court of Marie Antoinette and the paintings of Velazquez. Everything is so sumptuous and rich-looking, very much works of art. I would have loved to have seen this collection in person! Every aspect of every design that came down the runway, from the hair ornaments to the ombré effect of the stockings, is perfection. Except perhaps for one. Can you spot it?

The combination of patterns is just perfection.

This is my favorite piece of the whole collection.

This pile of froth makes me think of marshmallow-filled donuts.

Who let Boy George in?
Yeah, this one I don't like so much. It doesn't share the luxuriousness of the other pieces. Looks like she just wrapped herself in a giant scarf and headed out the door.


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