Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jewelry, Jeans, & Heidi

Valentine's Day is coming up - don't know what to get for the woman who has everything? Why not buy her a pair of limited-edition Van Cleef and Arpels/Earnest Sewn jeans? The Zazo style features a high-rise super-slim straight leg and is customized with a VC&A Alhambra-style chain and button. There's a dark indigo version at $9,700 and a grey version for $11,300. What a bargain!

Speaking of Alhambra: Van Cleef and Arpels has noticed that Project Runway host Heidi Klum's line of jewelry features a motif very much like that of their Alhambra collection. So...they are suing her, for the outrageous sum of $25,000. That's right - Heidi can buy two pairs of gray VCA/ES jeans and have change left over with that amount.

The clover is a pretty common stylistic motif. One can even find it in cereal. And Heidi's not stupid - she didn't deliberately rip off VC&A's motif and think they were too dumb to notice. That's probably why the jeweler is asking for such a modest amount in damages.

To the left, a necklace from Heidi Klum's collection. On the right, a VC&A Alhambra piece. Click images to enlarge

Yes, there are obvious similarities!

They're probably just jealous that Heidi sells her wares on QVC, and that you and I can actually afford them....


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