Saturday, February 9, 2008

Project Runway - A Perfect Ten?

Tim also weighs in:

Rami: "I hate the pink. H.A.T.E. the pink. (I lie, I secretly wish I could get away with wearing pink. But think of my reputation.)

Jillian: "Very Sporty Spice. Tomboyish - or should I say 'Timboyish?'"

Sweet P: "This looks very Ava Gabor in Green Acres. I like it, but there's not nearly enough maribou on it."

Christian: "I love it - it's stunning - but I can't see myself wearing that much lace. The chaps, on the other hand, are a real turn-on."

Ricky: "Oh, honey. Not orange. It's awful with my complexion, and the gold chain does nothing for me. You lose, big time. Heidi - come get him."

Chris: "The hoodie is smashing, particularly the sparkly lining. This would be the winner, except I decided to go into an entirely different direction...."


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