Monday, February 23, 2009

Fall '09 Fashion Week - Ports 1961

I was in NY for Fashion Week on Thursday the 19th and attended the Ports 1961 show. Tia Cibani drew her inspiration from India this season. According to the press packet I received:
In particular Tia turns to an empress of Persian descent, the legendary beauty, Nur Jahan, known as much for her poetry and artistic sophistication as for her political power.

Drawing inspiration from this rich heritage, Tia explores a multitude of paths. Masculine tailoring with ornate detail yields a look that is romantic, yet sharply defined. Asymmetric yoke closures draw attention to the fitted bodices. Narrow waistlines swell into feminine fullness at the hems, which accentuate the idealized form of Mughal grace, and echo the contemporary trend of fit and flared staples.
That pretty much says it.  For the most part, I liked the collection, apart from the rather tacky lamé looks.  Loved the fuchsia, the brogues worn with some looks, and the tapered waist/flared skirt looks.


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