Thursday, October 15, 2009

Etat Libre d’Orange Fat Electrician

Notes: vetiver, vanilla bean, opoponax, myrrh

The latest in Etat Libre d'Orange's line of cutely named fragrances, Fat Electrician is a cool, salty, and refreshing vetiver scent. There's a sharp herbal quality to it that reminds me a bit of marijuana or...grapefruit...but in a pleasant way. Opoponax and myrrh lend a bit of smokiness, and the vanilla rounds it out but does not add sweetness.

This scent reminds me of something that Comme des Garcons might put out, without the overt quirkiness. It's also a bit reminiscent of Bond No. 9 Brooklyn, with the combo of dry and grapefruit.

According to LuckyScent, this scent is inspired by "a real story driven from the hazardous life of a young gigolo in the 70’s in N.Y.C." Thankfully, it smells nothing like a 70s gigolo, who just might reek of Hai Karate, cigarettes, and *****.

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