Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Thoughts on Project Runway

Am I regretting my decision to not recap every week - not at all! Especially this season, which I find to be extremely boring - it took 4 weeks before we saw a halfway-interesting challenge! With last night's movie challenge, we got two decent ones in a row, but will that last?

The competitors aren't all that exciting either. Nobody particularly sucks as a designer, and there are no real drama queens. Lifetime tries to ramp up the excitement with a wee bit of prevarication (e.g. the biggest lie ever!), but it's just not there. This is a season that could use an asshole like Santino Rice or an annoying little gnat like Christian Siriano. But all we get is a bunch of pretty girls, a handful of Slavs, and two token straight men. Meh. I find it funny that the models are swooning over Logan Neitzel, when he's ordinary-looking at best. But he's apparently both straight AND single, which I suppose makes him a catch.

And where the hell are Nina Garcia and Michael Kors? Oh, I understand they both work in New York and can't be bothered to hang out in LA just because Frau Seal wanted to film there this year, but without them, the judging seems less-serious. This week, in particular, it seemed that John Varvatos, et. al., were having entirely too much fun. And they're not there to have fun - they're there to pass judgement. To tear apart and humiliate the hard work of fine young designers.

It seemed a little surprising that Ramon was auf'd this week, but I think surprise will be the norm - there is an uncharacteristically high level of talent and proficiency in the remaining designers. I've seen the final collections and still can't figure out to whom they belong. I need La Nina and Ms Kors to point out which designers aren't as good as I think they are.

At least one thing is consistent: Tim Gunn. And this week we got our dose of everyone's favorite makeup artist.

The joke never gets old. For me at least. :)

And another thing: if Tim Gunn had been nominated instead of Heidi Klum, maybe the show would have won an Emmy. Face it, Heidi is a snooze (as are also-nominated Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio). The show would be nothing without Tim. (Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Heidi - she's better than, say, Kelly Rowland - but face it, she's no Jeff Probst.)

Enough ranting...for this week.


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