Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Prada Trembled Blossoms

Forget all about that ugly Fendi bag and feast your eyes on these cuties by Prada.

These are from the Trembled Blossoms collection. The vital statistics: Nappa leather with a Nappa lining; Detachable top handle, 5½" drop and adjustable shoulder strap up to 22" drop; 12½"W X 7"H X 3½"D

A mere $1,675.00 at Sak's. I want the pink one.

And definitely check out the Trembled Blossoms (does that name seem awkward to you too? "Trembled," not "Trembling?") animation. Watch a dead-behind-the-eyes anorexic supermodel-type wander through the forest and encounter mythical creatures and shoes! Someone was smoking lots of crack. It's an interesting idea, but animation of somewhat-realistic humanoid figures is still lacking.

I like the fish though.


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