Friday, November 23, 2007

Project Runway - Bring on the Tears

This week's challenge was to design an outfit for a pop culture fashion icon. When I heard that I thought, "gawd, not another Hilton sister!" But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was an actual icon - none other than Carrie Bradshaw herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. Chris March, a.k.a. "Mr. Big," (heh, geddit?) got all verklempt at SJP's appearance; apparently Sex and the City was a big influence for him and the reason he moved to NY in the first place. Ah yes, the story of three stupid, yet highly fashionable, women making the same bad relationship mistakes over and over again is a big dose of life affirmation to many, I'm sure. (Psst...lay off the Twinkies, walk away from the TV, and get a life.)

Not only does Chris shed a few tears, we also see Ricky acting a little weepy. Twice. Drinking game, anyone? Seriously, why is everyone so emotional on reality TV? Little Ricky is reminding me of one of those gorram ugly Margaret Keene paintings of tearful big-eyed children. But with facial hair and a Choo Choo Charlie hat.

Sarah Jessica (does anyone else feel stupid calling someone by their first two names? Am I out of touch because I only go by one?) waved a magic carrot in front of the weepy/drooling/starstruck designers: the winning outfit may or may not be part of her Bitten line's Fall/Winter collection. Wow. May or may not. Promises promises!

Because SJP's line is on the very cheap inexpensive side, the budget for the project was $15. Each designer did a sketch that he or she presented to SJP who then picked her seven favorites. Yes, this was one of those annoying team challenges which usually serves up buckets of drama; unfortunately for us, most folks seemed to get along with their partners.

Elisa, Kit, Victorya, Marion, Ricky, Christian, and Rami were chosen as the favorites and they in turn had to choose partners. Elisa picked last and ended up with the leftover Sweet P. There seemed to be enticing potential trouble between the spacey and the down-to-earth, but despite "coming from different planets" they managed to live Tim Gunn's mantra of "make it work." Quel dommage.

In the end it was Christian and Marion who were called on the carpet for their fashion transgressions. And then we get more tears, this time from Carmen, when asked who on her team between herself and Christian should be auf'd. :::tipsily tosses back another shot of vodka:::

Here's what came down the runway:

Kit: Cute concept, nicely executed.

Ricky: Ack. Boring. The belt seems like an afterthought. It was smashing with those boots though. Love the boots! But...Tearful Ricky didn't design those.

Rami: The hair thing is kinda weird, but the headband does disguise her low forehead/too big face. The jacket is really gorge, and I like the leggings. Despite the fact that there is outcry from fashion critics over leggings (see any number of posts by the Fug Girls) designers are still putting them on the runway and the average woman is still wearing them. I happen to have a whole drawerful of long black leggings waiting to re-emerge into the public eye. Ok, maybe after I lose a few pounds.

Christian: Ninagarcia went on and on about how this outfit looked very 80s to her. Maybe the zipper, ok, I'll give her that. But there were no shoulder pads and no peplum. Not saying I like this outfit - I don't. The two elements don't work together, and the dress just Ok, so maybe it would have been fine for Steve and Barry's.

Elisa: The cape is really really cute. And the "polymorphic" dress was nice as well, although together they don't quite look like they belong in the same season. A surprising outcome from such an unlikely pairing.

P.S. I would like to see a different color from Elisa next week.

Marion: The most exciting thing about Marion was his hat, therefore, he was boring and not good TV. Auf wiedersehen, Pet! It helped, of course, that his outfit looked like ass. The original sketch was pretty nice, with a sophisticated vibe. I think the problem lay with his poor fabric choice. Not only did it look like burlap, it was stretchy burlap. And the fringe was completely...wrong.

Victorya: I like the vest, I like the dress, but not together. The colors are too drab and dull, and the vest gets lost in the darkness of what comes underneath. And that proportion thing is weird. I'd definitely have to wear this over leggings (heh). But congrats, VictorYa on your first win.


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