Friday, November 9, 2007

The Perfect Red

I think most women look for the perfect red lipstick at some point in their lives. A shade that's not too blue and not too orange for their skin tone. One that's striking and attractive but not overdone or clownish. My search was much like a soap-opera relationship: on-again/off-again. Recently I decided to resume the hunt and was almost immediately rewarded with the perfect red:

The lips, man, the lips! Don't let those crazy eyelashes distract you. It's Nars lip gloss/lip stain duo in Moon Fleet/Indian Red. I was immediately smitten with that shade and had to have it, so I ordered it from Sephora. Although my lips are nowhere near as plush as that undoubtedly 17-year-old model's, my skin is as pale. And it works for me. Mr Minx thinks it's a bit bright, but then he's never seen me in red lips before. With good reason, I might add.

I'm not likely to wear red lips regularly, but I think this is my perfect shade and it will be wonderfully festive for the holidays. Especially with those lashes....


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