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Osswald Parfumerie + Luxury Skincare Boutique

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Despite the noise, grime, and sheer masses of people, New York is one of my "happy places." Why? Because I am a fragrance lover, a "perfumista" if you will, and NY is chockablock with places to sniff (and buy) perfume. Oh, sure, one can buy scent at any old department store in any old city, but there are few mass-market fragrances that I find appealing enough to wear. The scents that I find most interesting, that are most interesting, are in the niche category. (Please prounounce that neesh, and not nitch, which sounds ugly and harsh).

On a recent trip to NY, I made a point to visit Osswald, a Swiss-based beauty company with a branch in SoHo. It was crazy cold and windy, but I was going to be in the neighborhood and had a few hours between stops. What better way to spend that time than to discover a new fragrance? Osswald carries lines that, while familiar to me from internet shopping, I had not encountered in person, MDCI, Parfumerie Générale, and Profumum Roma, to name but three.

Ordinarily, I like browsing without the aid of a sales associate, but fragrance shopping is often best done with some help. I was fortunate enough to be the sole customer for quite a while, and was able to have the undivided attention of the very knowledgeable Daisy Bow. She made my experience at Osswald extremely pleasant, introducing me to scents I might not have chosen on my own. (I think the bitter cold may have been on my side, keeping other shoppers away.)

If you're in that neck of the woods, perhaps visiting Aedes on Greenwich St at Christopher in the West Village, I recommend making the 20 minute walk down Sixth Avenue into SoHo. Osswald is definitely worth the trip, even in windy 15°F weather.

Osswald Parfumerie + Luxury Skincare Boutique
311 W Broadway (Soho)
New York, NY 10013

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