Monday, December 12, 2011

Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol

Notes: bergamot, cypriot India, blue cypress, plum, jasmine, rose, agarwood, white patchouli, cistus, vanilla, olibanum, sandalwood, musk

When I first sniffed the sample vial of Bond No. 9's new Andy Warhol fragrance, I immediately thought of a fruity version of their first Andy Warhol scent, Silver Factory. But then I spritzed it on and found I was wrong. Oh, it's fruity all right, but nothing like the gorgeous dry amber of Silver Factory.

At first, I thought there was far too much going on.  It was fruity, floral, woody - all at the same time. Cacophonous, but pretty nonetheless. And then the drydown came - a gorgeous, edible vanilla-scented musky amber that's almost like a slice of warm-from-the-oven vanilla pound cake.

I really like this one a lot. But I can say the same about most of Bond's warmer scents. They don't really do a lot wrong.

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