Monday, December 10, 2007

Dancin' Fool

I use the term "dancing" loosely here. This commercial has some of the worst "choreography" I have ever seen. Beyonce seems to alternately be having seizures and severe muscle spasms. I couldn't find the other version of this commercial, the one with a blurred section that involves some sort of short bus jumping jacks, but if you watch TV, particularly sports, you probably have already seen it. It's neither interesting nor elegant. It's rather cloddish, actually. And laughable. Good thing Beyonce is so pretty, because she can't dance for shit. (Her singing doesn't impress me either, but neither does any of the current crop of singers prone to melismatic abuse.)

Hip hop dance can be fun to watch (and to perform), but this is just ugly ugly stuff. I do, however, like the dress with the gold hoop spangles.


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