Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Valentino Spring 2008

Fashion legend Valentino has retired after 45 years of exquisite design. Even I have trouble finding any fault with his final collection. Let's hope his successors can fit in his shoes well enough to uphold the high quality of the Valentino name.
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Hello Red Carpet! Can't you just see JLo in the first one (well, after she gives birth to the twins she hasn't yet admitted she's carrying), Nicole Kidman in one of the two at center, and Sharon Stone in the sexy white number?

Hello cute! There are lots of polka dots in the collection, but for the most part, Valentino did not use prints. This particular shade of warm pink was big, and it was flattering on all of the models. And I don't ordinarily like yellow, but I loved this simple sheath and coat outfit.

The dotted version of the suit reminds me of a Carolina Herrera perfume box. So elegant and sophisticated, with a playful bow to give it a youthful touch.

LOVE the swirly Klimt-ian lace sections, although only a toothpick could wear this shape. Or maybe a pregnant Heidi Klum.

Did the model forget her blouse? Ooopsie!

It seems that George Lucas may have had a strong influence on this collection, as there were several items sporting ruffles oddly reminiscent of Princess Leia's "cinnamon bun" hairstyle from the original Star Wars movie, or perhaps the horns of the beasts called Tauntauns, featured in The Empire Strikes Back.

I think if this were a shrug, I'd be ok with it, but I think it's sleeve decoration (the pink suit above also has this ornamentation).


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