Friday, September 28, 2007

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008

Like many others this season, American designer Marc Jacobs' Spring '08 collection displayed a bit of multiple-personality syndrome. There were dowdy tweeds that would have looked scrumptious on the fusty bank secretary from the Beverly Hillbillies, Miss Hathaway. Other outfits were straight from the boudoir - as in, the sheets. Then there was some plain old ugly/weird.
Click images to enlarge.

The model's hair and glasses only reinforces the dowdy image of these outfits. And...are the sheer bits supposed to be sexy? Or sloppy/forgetful granny?

A chenille bedspread; a body was found wrapped in this sheet on CSI; spread from the Queen Victoria's Mourning Collection, new from Martha Stewart.

Ok, I like the third one. And the middle one would work on the right person. But a half muu-muu?

A four-year-old coordinates her Barbie clothes better than this.


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