Monday, January 4, 2010

Stinking Up the Place

Seriously - is there anyone else with more attention and less talent than Jennifer Lopez? Here she is performing in Times Square on New Year's Eve, wearing what appears to be a dead gorilla over a sparkly bodysuit that's too loose in the torso. The only notable parts of the crap song she's performing is the way it makes me think of Stevie Wonder with her inflection on the words "part time lover" and the way she mispronounces "Louboutins." It's not "LOO-bih-tohns" it's "loo-boo-TAN."

And she makes good money (but not mine) for this crap.

She didn't get past "throwin' on my Loubitons" more than 6x before we switched the channel to CNN, for the amusing banter between Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.


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