Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 People's Choice Awards

Ah, the predictable popularity contest that is the People's Choice Awards - no need for talent if "the people" like you! Anyway....

Sandra Bullock, attractive as she is, looked a bit weird that night. Like her head was too big for her body (or most accurately, her body was too small for her head). She wore a mess of a dress made of old sofa fabric and clunky shoes that screamed "taupe!" Not her best look.

Francia Raisa decided to wear a fancy shower curtain to the event.

Olivia Munn wants you all to know exactly where her vagina can be found....

I like Niecy Nash's hot pink number - it's bold, and a really pretty color for her.

I don't know what is scarier - the fact that Katie Cassidy looks so much like a less-malnourished Kelly Ripa, or that she seems to have some feathered creature emerging from underneath her wrinkly dress. And what's with the Heidi Bedhead look?

Kate Walsh's dress looks uncomfortable, like it's encrusted with sharp bits of broken glass. It's a cute retro shape, but I think it needs snazzier shoes and bigger hair.

Caroline Hennessy's dress is...interesting. I'm sure it looks great on a hanger, but she looks like she's going to explode out of that top (which is eerily skin-toned). And is that a Rorschach inkblot on her skirt?

God bless 83-year-old Cloris Leachman for showing up, walker, sensible shoes, and all.


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