Wednesday, January 6, 2010

21st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival - Opening Night Gala

The opening gala for the 21st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival was held last night and tons many lots a handful of celebrities showed up for the event, most of whom wore black.

The always stunning Helen Mirren looked elegant, but otherwise meh.

Shohreh Aghdashloo looked equally exciting.

Marion Cotillard looked to be wearing an old rag. A silk rag, to be sure, but still...meh.

Mariah Carey looked like Mariah Carey, which is to say...meh.

Mary Hart bucked the trend by wearing color. And wrinkles.

Eva La Rue (CSI Miami) chose to wear her nightie for the occasion.

Even Diablo Cody couldn't bring herself to wear anything interesting. Apart from the tattoos, she looks cute. Normal. Boring.

Speaking of which, Twilight's Anna Kendrick....zzzzzzzzzzz


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