Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Part 1

The Golden Globes is always a good place to check out the latest in evening wear (the words "evening wear" always make me think of the old Wendy's commercial). While celebs dress to the nines (maybe even the tens) for the Oscars, GG dress tends to be a bit more subdued, maybe at a level of seven or eight.

As usual, black was a hot color, and those darn unflattering nudes were all over the place as well. But a small selection of smart women stood out from the crowd in brights and purples.

Mellody Hobson (with George Lucas) bucked all trends and wore this fabulous frock that looks inspired by Egyptian tomb paintings.

Jane Lynch didn't wear her customary Sue Sylvester sweats, but instead looked gorgeous in this Ali Rahimi gown.

Ginnifer Goodwin wore a bright blue Vionnet cocktail dress that may have seemed a little casual amongst the throng of gowns, but she didn't have to drag her hem in the wet, and she looked terrific.

Sandra Bullock wore an eye-popping purple Bottega Veneta. What a stunning color! Although the dress doesn't particularly excite me, it works for her.

Fergie in Elie Saab. The dress is lovely, a bit 70s-retro, but I wish she would do something with her hair.

Diane Kruger's fashion sense doesn't always work for me, but she looks terrific in this Christian Lacroix couture gown. Ok, maybe I'm not seeing her at all...I just love the gown.

Lauren Graham also wore shocking pink. Can't lose her in a crowd.

I loved Felicity Huffman's gown, even if it was nude. The trim on the straps and bodice was enough to make a distinct separation between where her body ended and the dress started.

Kristen Bell is a tiny girl, and her Jasmine di Milo cocktail dress was the perfect, non-overwhelming, look for her.

I have mixed emotions about Dianna Agron's Reem Acra gown. While she's lovely and it's beautiful, I'm not sure if dove gray is the right (non) color for her.

Chloe Sevigny is always hailed as some sort of fashion icon for some strange reason. Maybe people are afraid to tell her she usually looks like a clown? But she did something right with this floaty, ruffly Valentino.

Heidi Samuel looks positively modest in her Roberto Cavalli gown, which is not short, sparkly, and cheap-looking. She could have done a lot better with the hair though.

And finally, we have Tina Fey in Zac Posen. I love it. I hate it. I love it. I hate it. What do you think?


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