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Flashback Friday - Patricia Choux for biehl parfumkunstwerke

This post was originally published on February 11, 2008.

Patricia Choux for biehl parfumkunstwerke

Patricia Choux, noted as having a "crazy" style, has given me the impression of anything but. Her two fragrances for German firm biehl parfumkunstwerke (literally, "perfume works of art"), one bright, one warm, are both quite civilized and lovely scents. It's the price that's crazy. ;)


Notes: tangerine, neroli, davana, mango leaves, peony, iris, mango, Kashmir wood, vetiver, musk

Patricia Choux's first scent for Biehl is a bright fresh green with juicy tangerine and that peculiar yet lovely smell of mango leaves. It's fresh and cheerful and should find many fans who also like Jean-Claude Ellena's citrusy scents for Hermes, as they share this joyful brightness underscored with woods. The drydown has a bit of vetiver and musk, but not much else to take away from the still-present tangerine goodness.


Notes: bergamot, white lavender, cardamom, spices, peony, freesia, precious woods, patchouli, tonka beans, honey, musk

This fragrance opens up with a bit of powdery lavender and cardamom with a light woodsy background that eventually deepens. With the woods comes the sweetness of honey touched with vanilla. It's almost gourmand in quality, but the lingering powdery aspect keeps it out of that realm.

Hours into the drydown, this scent reminds me of Nelly Rodi Scent Factory Rose, a cardamom-laced fragrance I absolutely love and wish was sold on its own. pc02 has much better lasting power.

It strikes me that the two Patricia Choux scents, when layered, would make for a very sophisticated creamsicle.

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