Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Project Runway...Almost Done!

My thoughts on last week's episode:

Finally we get a challenge that has a little oompfh to it. It's the designers' own faults that none of them produced anything particularly exciting. And finally Christopher is auf, after so many consecutive weeks on the bottom.

He got some compliments on the top portion of the dress, but really, it's nothing special. The fabric he chose for the skirt is too stiff and has no flow, and the corset part looks cheap. And the color - gray, drab, depressing. Ugly. I understand the boy is self-taught, but I'm not a designer at all and can appreciate the importance of the right fabric for the right design.

Our other auf'ed designer is Gordana. This really is a lovely dress that clearly shows the inspiration (Rouen Cathedral by Monet). I'm not crazy about the light colored outer fabric and would have liked to see it a few shades darker, but that's a minor complaint. The real complaint is that it's too safe. Still, it's lovely. I wish Gordana had competed in an earlier season because I would love to see what she could do for a decoy collection.

Irina's offering was awful and completely disappointing from someone who has been so incredibly strong all season. The skirt length was, as Nina put it, matronly. If Michael Kors had been there, he might have called it "mother of the bride." The belt placement made the model look thick and disproportionate. And the accessories Irina chose were JLo-Ghetto. A big out in my book. However, she's a talented designer and definitely deserves to go to Bryant Park.

Carol Hannah's was the best look of the bunch. Yeah, so it doesn't exactly hark back to the inspirational bed, but so what? It's elegant, well-fitted, and good enough to get CH to Fashion Week.

Finally, Althea's overly-complicated yet completely pedestrian skirt was a hot mess. Although I've liked her all along, I question some of her wins during the season and wonder what exactly makes her better than, say, Gordana. Certainly this look wasn't better than Gordana's Rouen gown? But according to the judges (and the producers), it was good enough to get her into the Final Three, and as long as Christopher wasn't there with her, that's good enough for me.

So, our long ordeal is almost over - two more episodes in which to stretch out the non-drama. Two more episodes in which Irina is somewhat catty. Let's hope season 7 brings a little more excitement back to the show with more interesting challenges and maybe a batshit crazy designer or three. But in the meantime...who do you think should win?


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