Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dior Couture Spring 2009

Christian Dior's John Galliano took his inspiration for the Dior Couture '09 collection from Flemish painting. Some of the collection's palette and shapes evoke the Old Masters, particularly the blues and golds, the billowy sleeves and broad collars.

I can't help but think that ladies would have some problem sitting in these skirts unless they score a backless chair, or they just don't mind showing off their knickers.  But then they wouldn't be ladies now, would they?

I love the blue-and-white china effect of these gowns, particularly the lining of the center skirt.

Compared to the rest of the collection, these are almost...practical.

Although I am appreciative of the forms on these pieces, particularly the fourth look, the fabrics look like they might be better suited on furniture or as window treatments, particularly the floral-on-cream fabric used as trim and underskirting. 

Fabulous shoe though, no?


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