Monday, May 24, 2010

amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2010

Must be a hard life for these celebs to have to go all the way to Antibes to attend a charity function. They have my pity.

I love Rachel Bilson's fresh-faced low-makeup look, but am not sure about the fireworks on her boobies.  Diane Kruger's dress makes her look like a linebacker. A really gay linebacker.

I think Elizabeth Banks looks like some really fancy theater curtains. And why, if she's a spokesmodel for L'Oreal hair color, does she have such ugly and obvious roots? Emily Blunt looks va va voom, plain and simple.

What the hell happened to Ivana Trump's face? She looks like she should be auditioning to play an evil Disney queen in that outfit. Why is Kirsten Dunst always wearing something so matronly?

Jennifer Lopez looks predictably like, well, Jennifer Lopez, in something pale and frothy. Maybe a little too Barbie for the 40-year-old. Mary J. Blige is still working that shit-pot haircut! She looks like a Chucky doll.

Michelle Rodiguez looks pretty in pink, but I hate her shoes. And Mischa Barton appears to be showing off a new set of boobs? I really love her dress, but not her bleach blonde locks.


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