Monday, June 14, 2010

64th Annual Tony Awards

The Tony Awards is one of the few awards shows that is actually entertaining, and I love that we were treated to snippets of the nominated musicals. I also love that the audience, for the most part, is elegantly dressed. This year, however, choices were fairly boring.

Cate Blanchett looked fantastic in her liquid silver pantsuit. Not just anybody could pull off such a look. And I loved Jamie-Lynn Sigler's simple tie-dye pattern dress. Her eye makeup is a bit harsh, however.

What happened to Catherine Zeta-Jones? She used to be beautiful, but now she looks pinched. Hate the matchy-matchy eyeshadow color. The dress is ok. Idina Menzel looks lovely but somehow her dress seems very heavy.

Women of a certain age (over 25) should not wear tiny skirts (unless they are Heidi Klum), particularly to formal events. Jada Pinkett-Smith looks ridiculous, like she's going to prom. And Kristin Chenoweth's dress is doing her figure no favors. The skirt makes her look both hippy and stick-legged, and the bodice doesn't fit particularly well.

Bernadette Peters looks like she wrapped an old theatre curtain around herself. Paula Abdul looks like a Wild West prostitute.

Laura Linney's dress just barely escapes being too short, but it looks too casual for the event, particularly when paired with the loose hair. I hate Scarlett Johansson's dress. It makes her look like she just stepped out of a particularly sparkly pile of seaweed. With a body like that, why wear something so matronly and unflattering?

I love Lea Michele's bold sunshine yellow dress. Valerie Harper also looks terrific in a bright blue.

Points to Viola Davis for wearing that color. A shame satin looks like a wrinkled mess in no time flat. Swoosie Kurtz's dress is unusual in a good way - love the color and classic shape, and the simple patterning.


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