Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Housekeeping's "Shine On" Event

Celebs turned out for Good Housekeeping's "Shine On" 125 Years Of Women Making Their Mark event. By the way they were dressed, it seemed that some people thought they were going elsewhere.

Jessica Simpson looked cute in her short strapless dress.

Hillary Duff was a bit more formal, with lots of sheer black. Still cute.

I'm completely amazed that Dorothy Hamill didn't put a wrinkle in her dress on the way over. Did she walk? It's a little plain though. She could have added more interest with better shoes.

God bless Brooke Shields for wearing an age-appropriate hem length. Someone please show this pic to Kelly Bensimon, who's too old to look so slutterific.

Marlo Thomas shows off her Botoxed forehead. Bangs would have worked better, and been more flattering.

Martha Stewart is wearing some crazy gold disco pants - I kinda love them - but that shapeless blue tunic has got to go.

Marlee Matlin obviously thought she was attending a more formal occasion.


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