Friday, April 18, 2008

2008 CMT Music Awards

The 2008 CMT Music Awards were held this week with a pantheon of country music superstars in attendance. Over the years they've learned to dress a lot better, eschewing the big hair and pastel ruffles for sexier numbers so now they look just like everyone else at a red carpet event. Only with cowboy hats.

On the red carpet, Carrie Underwood looked great in what appears to be a now-ubiquitous Malandrino one-shouldered dress. On stage, however, she wears a frothy party frock confection worthy of my Skipper doll, ca. 1972.

Miley Cyrus pulled the flocked velvet wallpaper off the walls of a crumbling Victorian mansion for her somewhat dowdy red carpet look. But her performance look is cute cute cute, sassy and age-appropriate, if maybe a tad casual.

I haven't seen Nicole Kidman look this fabulous in a long time. The dark red is stunning on her, as is the simple shape, and she looks to be wearing a genuine, if perhaps heavily-Botoxed, smile. Her husband needs a haircut desperately, however.

Poor Taylor Swift. Nobody told her that she had the front of her dress stuck in the waistband of her thong. (An aside: I've heard this girl "sing" and she can't carry a tune. Her butchering interpretation of "Silent Night" during the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree-lighting festivities was abysmal. She has a recording contract...why?)

Paula Abdul models a gown from Spiderman 4: The Attack of the 5 Foot Tranny

Leanne Rimes was in such a hurry to get to the ceremony, she left her skirt at home. The rest of the outfit looks to have been fashioned from ginormous fish scales. (Designed by Richard Blais perhaps?)

Faith Hill's new look = Dorothy Zbornak at a funeral.

And finally...Crystal Gayle goes goth? Honey, you're (supposedly only) 57 years old. Cut that mangy mane and allow yourself to age gracefully. And the black dye...haven't you heard that lighter hair is more flattering on older women? Lose the 80s-era shoulderpads while you're at it.


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