Monday, February 22, 2010

The Orange British Academy Film Awards

The Orange British Academy Film Awards were held this past weekend and there were, as always, celebs wearing clothing worth talking about.

In the case of Rising Star Award winner Kristen Stewart, it was her hair that was most noticeable. As in - why didn't she bother washing it? Spend too much time with that Pattison dirtbag?

Kate Winslet is usually admired for her womanly figure, but she is currently as emaciated as any Hollywood starlet. For shame, Kate. I hope your excuse is that you are playing an anorexic in your next film.

I'm not sure if Jane Ross' dress clashes with her hair or the other way around.

I like the style of Jaime Winstone's dress, but I think the banding would have worked better if the fabric didn't resemble stretched out nude pantyhose so much.

That's just too much dress with too much pattern on gamine Carey Mulligan. It might have worked better as a mini, without the train.

The 80s are back, and they've taken Audrey Tautou hostage.

Anna Kendrick is wearing a cute dress, but I'm not really liking the color against her pale skin.


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