Friday, December 18, 2009

NINE Premiere Red Carpet

I think I wore something like Naomi Watt's outfit--peplum, gigantic shoulders and all--to a New Year's party once. In 1986.

Madonna, at age 51, is still attempting to look sexy by running around in her lingerie. Sad. Especially since her face looks so bad.

How much you wanna bet she'll look like Joan Rivers in the next 10 years? That much ugly isn't natural, that's for sure. In this day and age, there's no reason for a woman to look her age. With as much plastic surgery as Madge has had, she looks oh, 52, tops.

Franzisca Rothman (With Chopard honcho Mark Hruschka) looks to be another victim of 80s-style dress, this time in tacky gold. People - stylists are your friends. If you have the money but not the taste, please hire one!

Nicole Kidman apparently had a makeup malfunction this evening, with too much visible powder under her eyes, but at least she didn't get any of it on her black dress. I think she looks great, especially without her unwashed-looking husband hanging off of her.

Does anyone have any taste anymore? Seriously.


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