Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2010

"I wanted everything light as a feather," Carolina Herrera said about pre-fall. The primary colors palette of the collection was taken from a 1920's print of dancers, which she uses in the first look, below, as well as a floor-length gown. She also favored a lot of tweed.

Love the dress, hate the black tights which weigh the look down.

The floral motif on the sweater is too Eastern European embroidery-motif for me.

The red sash makes me want to wear this to a really luxurious holiday party. Not that I've been invited to any.

Any at all, actually....

Hate this look. From here, the pattern looks like quilting, as if the gown were made from a sleeping bag.

This one looks as if it would unravel at any minute, but it's quite striking nonetheless.


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