Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kate Moss' Wedding

I always felt fairly neutrally about Kate Moss. Lots of people don't "get" her, her waifish beauty, and frown upon her past drug use. I think she's a model, a darn good one, and live and let live.

I stumbled upon an article describing her wedding recently and thought to share it with you. It sounds like a gorgeous and fun experience.
Meanwhile, in Kate’s gardens, a Palm Court jazz band is playing “It Had to Be You” in the marquee, while battalions of black-and-white-clad wait staff light the votive candles hanging from fruit trees in their jam jars and antique lanterns, and artfully arrange a pyramid of champagne flutes. Paper cones filled with rose petals for the bridal couple are arranged on little cafĂ© tables, and antique wicker chairs pepper the lawn. The Second Looks Tent, for guests to change in after the ceremony, is appointed like a Hollywood boudoir with faceted mirror screens, thirties standard lamps, and dressing tables heaving with pink and beige roses.
Doesn't that sound lovely?

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